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Elina posted a summary for Ch 111 over in RSC on Yahoo which was rather interesting. Makes me wonder what else happens in the chapter... ^_^ Shall see once it's available/arrives. Otherwise, while going through the 'net on the spoiler hunt (I really should stop that...) no one else that I checked has posted anything yet, although one person at least has read the chapter. ^^; Anyhow, during that hunt, some folks on a J blog mentioned that in one interview when the anime version was announced for FB, Takaya sensei seemed to have very mixed feelings about it and that that may also contribute to why there's no 2nd season/OAV etc. to date. Like here, much of the general consensus is that a 2nd season would be extremely difficult due to the changes in storyline etc. although they too would like to see an OAV. Anyhow, they mentioned that Takaya-sensei had said in the interview that she was both "very happy" and "unsure" (ureshii to tomadoi) about FB becoming an anime. I wish I knew where the interview was written/if it's available anywhere. If it was in a magazine though... >_<

(And on a minor aside, apparently some J fans are picking up the R1 version of FB because there's an interview on the North American release with the director Daichi when he was at a con (BAAF). This interview isn't on the R2 version so they're picking up... I guess it's supposed to be the 2nd vol. (Sorry, I don't know since we have the R2 version for FB here.) Anyhow, something I found interesting.)

While going through the newspaper today, I ran into an ad for current prices for flights to Tokyo. $699 rtn + tax. Even going via the US that would be worth it but... ....... T_T I don't know if I can afford it yet. Not to mention it's rainy season right now so it'll be raining often there, and after rainy season is the heat wave. It's one thing if the plan is to go North but if it's anywhere in the usual areas... Ewww, I don't know if I can handle constant wet or mid 30's and high humidity. >_< (But the price!) And I want some gyokuro tea. >_<;

Speaking of tea... while shopping at the Korean foodstore (yay! I have okonomiyaki mix again!), a lady asked if we could tell her which of the teas was powdered maccha. Apparently she wanted to have some powdered maccha for health drinks (I asked because there's real maccha and there are maccha drinks which are much sweeter and easier to actually drink; wouldn't want the drink mix for cooking or what have you though.) One of the things she wasn't sure about (she was looking at both the drinks and the real tea powder) was what "ingredients: green tea" meant since she wanted maccha. ......I have no idea how to explain the difference between "maccha" and "green tea" in a short and concise manner let alone if that sort of difference would be listed on an ingredient list. It is green tea afterall... although it's like calling beluga caviar fish roe, or a ferrari a car.

We did manage to pick up some mugi-cha (barley tea) while at the store though. Good for hot, summer weather. Unfortunately, things have been really wet (too wet perhaps even for the farmers) and cold. Still tomorrow's supposed to warm up so it might be worth brewing up a pot. (It's also supposed to be good hot) ^^;

Which reminds me, in the chapter summary by Elina, she mentioned that they were having a curry BBQ. I'm very curious to see what exactly was happening. I know curry. And I know BBQ. I've just never seen the two together like that. ^^;

Lastly, since someone mentioned that they'd like to see more FB games on the site, and today was too up and down to work on a translation for the most part, I've been fiddling with a memory game. It's half finished, but I need to work on some more bits and pieces. If anyone wants to play with it, it's at:

I'd mucked things up for a bit, but it should be working properly now. I just have to finish off some graphics and a couple more imgs as well as layout and it can be moved over. ^^; The other things I looked at will likely take some more work though. T_T

Oops! One last thing. When reading through... I can't remember which chapter it is, but it's about young Yuki when he's with Akito around when Akito seemed to snap. One of the things that struck me was how Akito yelled at Yuki how he (Yuki) wasn't wanted but Akito was necessary and needed. It made me wonder if it was around when Akira may have died and that's something that Ren yelled at Akito. I also found it interesting that in the Character book, Ren and Akira's relationship is listed as "love?" with some question in the matter. Also, I wonder if Ren's the Sohma or if Akira was. That Ren was in the area (enough that the young 12shi could go to her after the dream) begs the question, but the old woman who's always around Akito talking about her as being wanton etc., makes me wonder if she's the outsider. Of course they could also be distantly related... Oh well.

And a cute thought about Akito's mysterious box. While personally I feel it's too small to be anything like Akira's ashes (if you've ever had someone cremated / seen the remains; unless it's the collected bones maybe?...) anyhow, if it's little Akki, I thought it would be cute if she dried the flower Gure gave her when she was young and kept it with her ever since. Sort of like many people would press flowers etc. I have no idea how well a tsubaki would dry though. ^^;


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