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Looking at Amazon's site today, I noticed that they listed FB13 (French) for *pre-order*. ^^; I'll have to see about picking it up along with FB10 and... Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho. The OAV done by the same people who did Hoshi no Koe. With yesterday's shipment of FB9, I have a book about tea that I'm looking forward to getting. I'm hoping it'll give me some more insight into proper brewing of some of these teas I'm ordering. The next order, set to arrive around the same time as all the books, includes silver tips which can go for up to ~$50/100g (4oz). I'd rather have some idea of what I'm doing before making that and getting some bitter horror. (It took most of the 80g of my Puttabong FF Darjeeling to figure out how much leaf to use to make something that didn't look like piss water so...). ^^;

Otherwise, after making sukiyaki today, I *really* want to make/have okonomiyaki again. The only problem is, the oriental foodstore here doesn't sell the mix. >_< I've never made okonomiyaki from scratch before so I have no idea really what to do. Just that the main ingredient is really the cabbage and the floury base is more to keep things together along with that egg. I wonder if I should by some of that kewpie mayonaise to go with it... ^^;; And yes, I'm the type to mix both mayonaise and okonomiyaki sauce on my okonomiyaki. :P

I'd forgotten about the Wayback Machine ( that archives the internet but for some reason, I remembered it today... Oh yeah! I stopped by Baby Pink's site for a bit since I wanted to look at the character for Akito's name and while wandering around ran into a reference to Takaya Sensei's old website. It had disappeared from the web some time ago so I'd never seen it, but I figured it might be interesting to take a peek if it got archived. Unfortunately none of the real images had been archived >_< I heard there were supposed to be some web-only illustrations there, but some of the info pages were still there; including parts of the site diary. It was interesting actually reading through bits and pieces of it; lots of every day stuffs for sure, but I was quite surprised at how often she seemed to come down with a mild fever. 0_0

Otherwise, she'd apparently had a string of top images (not archived) and had little comments that went with each... It's too bad she couldn't keep the site up. It would've been interesting to see. Another thing that was there but I couldn't see was the actual Kaibara school uniform. >_<

Which reminds me, in the FB Fanbook, the names for the 12shi come from different months of the year. I seem to remember them being listed in one of the volumes but don't remember which. (Important because I can't read the month "names" otherwise - in the manga it also had hiragana whereas the Fanbook only has the kanji). Kanji really does continue to be my bane. >_< I'll have to go hunting for that again and hopefully will be able to find it. I wonder "who" I should work on next. I've got Akito, so... Kureno? Gure? or maybe Isuzu. Probably one of those 3 though.

Lastly, talking to the male parental unit, it seems that he wants to go see Howl's Moving Castle as well. At the theatres. ... ......I guess that means I'll take him at some point. The scary thing is, he tells me the last movie (at the theatres) he saw, was Godzilla, with my mom! I have *no* idea when that movie might have come out! ^^;; Heck, I don't even know if the theatre he went to still exists or not! Although I did recognize the name. ^^; What's really, really bad. I wanted to see this movie while I was in Japan last year on holidays. It was just about at the end of its theatre run but we never seemed to find the time to just *go* even though one of our hotels was in Umeda and it was there... somewhere. (I get lost easily in the Osaka station area; Tokyo is a horror and utter lost cause for me). ^^;

Anyhow, finally feeling a bit more awake again (strange weather system coming in...) so let's see if I can't get some more stuff done. At least clear up all those ***** in the pages I've worked on and double checking what's been done so that I can start thinking about maybe opening up the fanbook section. ^^;


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