Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Akito again?

Too tired to write much now, but it's rather interesting having things laid out for you as they are in the Fan Book. I wonder how it would be reading the manga in its entirety from start to where it is now and how that might influence how I see Akito's character. There's always been some question as to what she's really like given how as a child she seemed quite sweet and the 12shi at least until Haru has some sweeter, gentler memories of her, to how she is now. It begs the question of what happened to her. Unfortunately, we don't get answers in the fan book since it hasn't been revealed in the manga yet, but having the details spelled out coherently is also quite interesting.

Likewise, from the fanbook, it's interesting to read about the various mysteries in the series. Again, having them spelled out like that; it helps focus the reader on the different key elements in the series. And it also reminds you of some things that you might have forgotten about... ^^;;

And completely unrelated (albeit minorly FB), I finally got shipping notice for FB vol 9 from Amazon. Otherwise, TP is listing vol 12 as being released in Dec again. (These musical release dates is rather annoying hopefully it's not going to disappear/change again though). Now to wait for Amazon's notice for the French version of 7-12 and see if/when they get in vol 13. ^_^; Hopefully it'll help my French a bit though; it's gotten really rusty; badly so. >_<

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