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Shadow [userpic]

FB Box set Fan book and stuff

June 11th, 2005 (07:40 pm)

LOL! I got the obligatory notification today in my e-mail; Renaud-Bray wrote to tell me that the first FB box set isn't in stock and so they have to order it from the distributor etc., etc. Meaning, if Amazon doesn't do the same, I'll get box set 2 before 1. ^^;; I knew it was a definite possibility...

Otherwise, I've been working on translating some of the fanbook scans and am slowly getting things together by the looks of things. Not yet ready to open the area up, but it's slowly getting places. If you want to peek, you can find it at:


I think the chara relation tables are pretty much finished but the rest is still very much subject to change. Personally I really like the soap opera concept of Akito and Ren's fighting. ^^; Girls, girls... LOL! Oh and definitely can't forget about Nabe...... ^^;