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It's amazing how much you take things for granted sometimes. ^^; This past week's been a mini-lesson on how much I really appreciate electricity - namely 240V power. We lost 240V power in the house last weekend (it's rather weird waking up to half the house being without power) and only fully got back up and running yesterday. So for most of this past week, we've had no stove and no clothes dryer. In a winter country like this, I don't think anyone actually hangs their clothes if they don't have to. Certainly in all the apartments I've had (here) I've always had a dryer. So getting something to hang clothes from was a bit... weird. ^^;

In any case, it seems that I've decidedly gone wonko and lost my mind (what little if any I had in the first place). For some reason, I've decided to order the two FB booksets that were put out by Delcourt/Akata and read FB in French next. ^^; This ought to prove... interesting considering how little French I've read in the past several years. I wonder which set will arrive first since I ordered them from two different companies. The first set was ordered from Renaud-Bray bookstore while the second set was ordered from Amazon. Renaud-Bray's order hasn't shown up in my account file yet so I'm not quite sure what to make of that; it was confirmed though so presumably it went through. :-? Oh and a random comment; when looking at "French books" on Chapters site for FB, all they listed was TP's version. Su~re that's French... :-/

Otherwise, I have no idea if a certain female sibling unit put in the order for FB 17 and the Fan book yet. If not, probably not until mid/late next week. *sigh* Oh well. If I'm not careful, I'm going to want to put in an order with Amazon Japan again at some point, but with books... they usually take 3-4 weeks to get everything in and I'm thinking about taking another crack at reading Harry Potter in Japanese. I picked up the first story in hard cover for the female sibling unit for Christmas last year and at the same time got the regular version for the third book for myself. But when reading it... it drove me nuts trying to read all the names! I had the darndest time trying to figure out who was what based on katakana "spelling" of names! >_<;; It was so weird I ended up giving in. (There are a lot of katakana words in HP and it really interfered with story flow for me). Still, what with the next book coming out in about a month, I'm starting to think maybe I should give it another shot and see if I can't get anywhere with it this time. Not sure.

Ah well, next week will hopefully be good. I'm currently on the hunt for a nice glass teapot so I can watch tea steep but haven't found anything I'm completely happy with yet. I put in an order with Upton for samples of various "display" or "artisan" teas which I've often seen described as "a large tarantula at the bottom of the infuser" ...... With a description like that am I really going to want to drink the stuff!?! LOL! Seriously though, one teashop shows a few infused versions and they look... like sea anemones or something. At least it's better than a tarantula! ^_^;; I can't wait to see what they actually look (and taste) like. It would be too funny (horrifying!?) if they actually did look like giant spiders though.

Otherwise... hmm... FB Fan book. I have to still decide how much of that to actually translate. Some of the interview questions though were really interesting; like how Takaya-sensei created the story / where it all started. And how much was originally planned for. ^^; Lots of interesting information though. I wonder if there's any plan by TP to translate it into English? It'd certainly be interesting if they did. ^_^

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