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FB CD Dramas

Got the CD Drama that came out on Wed on Thursday or so IIRC. Lots of fun and the story's been changed a touch from the original manga in a decidedly amusing way! ^^;

A few clips are now available on the main page and clips are/will be available in the different tracks. The CD adaptation of the story got rid of Ayame but instead we see more of Shigure, and I have to agree with him - I want to see Kyo in white tights!!! ^___^ Ahahaha!

Anyhow, for those who are wondering what's being said in the clips:

Clip 1
Manabe: It's bound to be interesting - Something Cinderella-ish.

Nao: Huh? What's something Cinderella-ish?

Manabe: Something Cinderella-ish

Nao: Like I said! What's something Cinderella-ish!?

Announcer: Class 2-B's play, Something Cinderella-ish is about to begin.
Please take your seats.

Nao: You mean that's the title!?

Manabe: It's starting; it's starting...

Clip 2
Girl: Prince; please dance with...

Prince: As if I'd know that sort of thing. Dance with someone else.

Girl: Ehh!? Please dance with me!

Prince: I refuse!

Girl2: Then please dance with me Prince!

Prince: I said I refuse.

Girl3: No, dance with me

Girl4: Or rather with me

Prince: Just what's with you guys. You're annoying! Get lost!

Sister: Umm... would you like to da...

Prince: I said I won't dance!!



Narrator: Prince, you're not to say any names other than those in the play

Sister: Um... Forgive me Prince. Excuse me.

Prince: Eh... Just... No... Wai-...

Narrator: Naturally the Prince coldly refused the step-sister's request

Prince: Wha-

Narrator: You will refuse.

Mother: Hurry up and go.

Sister: Eh? Um, but... I'm sure the size will be wrong...

Mother: Let this girl try it on a moment...

Sister: Eh!?

Friend: It fits

Prince: It fits, doesn't it.

Sister: I'm so sorry! In reality, Hana-chan and I have the same shoe size!!


I just love how they threw this into the storyline. I wonder how many ideas Takaya-sensei played with for this storyline. ^^;; Otherwise, in both the School Defense Corps story and in Something Cinderella-ish, we get some cute Kyoru and/or YukixMachi. ^_^ As much as Yuki's aware of Tohru's cluelessness, he has a certain cluelessness when it comes to Machi that's really cute. ^^; Ah well, lots of fun in any case. ^_^

Otherwise, while I kept the title as "Something Cinderella-ish" it might be an idea to change it to "Something Like Cinderella" or Sorta Like Cinderella". Basically something which allows the add-on to Cinderella to be all in the front or at the end. It makes for the comedic routine on the title to flow better. >_< Something Like Cinderella. What's something like? Something Like Cinderella. Like I said... etc. Oh, and another thing while probably not entirely intended, one thing that's been tickling the brain a bit about that was the "poi mono" "-poi" = "something like" (whatever preceded the word) while "poi" is used to describe being tossed or easily thrown away... ^^;

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