Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

FB Chapter 110

Aaaahhh Aya, why must you speak so?! It's difficult enough to read let alone to try and imitate. >_< Ah well, this was a cute chapter and I especially like how the various people held onto the Mogeta ward against evil. ^_^

In any case, the story about Aya and what had happened with that girl in high school, while sad and what Aya did was cruel, at the same time, he admitted that he never really understood other people's feelings (and had never tried to either). That in a sense makes Aya's words and actions understandable, and if he didn't comprehend what the girl meant then certainly it's not all that surprising for him to brush her off. Gure-san however... I get the feeling that he's not so unaware, and more than Aya's albeit mostly unintended cruelty, I'm not so sure Gure-san was so "innocent". Poor Hatori though; given the sight of Gure and Aya, it makes you wonder why he's so close to those two other than simply because they've spent so much time together. No doubt, there's more to the mabu-trio than we're being shown here, but at the same time, it's a bit hard to fathom seeing as Hatori is often having to "clean-up" after them.

Still, that Aya has learned a bit of empathy and to think of others feelings, is revealed to indeed be thanks to Mine. I wonder if and how, as Yuki surmises, that Mine knows about the 12shi and Aya being possessed by the snake. Considering how easy it is for Aya to transform (extreme heat or cold...), one can only assume that either Aya's home/shop is so very temperature controlled as to avoid such or that it's happened at some point or another throughout the years. ^^;;

Otherwise... an interesting point about names: "Tobunabe-kun" - I love how Aya and Mine call Nabe this. From Nabe's name, they nicknamed him "flying stockpot". ^^; I wish I could read all of the fine print when they were explaining how Mine knew Nabe (apparently something to do with Nabe coming over to see what Aya was doing when they'd come to measure people for the costumes for the school festival play). Unfortunately I can't make out all that's written (dammit Takaya-sensei - your handwriting's too small/messy to read from scans sometimes...) >_

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