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Ch 109...

Hmm... looks like folks out in Japan are starting to get hold of the latest HtY. I like what one person wrote in their blog. It went something like:


Since this morning, today was SOOOOO BUSY~~~

But I found a bit of free time to run to the convenience store and got HtY!



Excited and screaming thoughts will come tomorrow.


ROFLMAO!! With all that screaming about the title and that's how you end it! ^^;

In any case, I did happen to find a J site that reported about what the chapter's about and I believe Elina in Rosetta Stone Cafe will be posting as well what she found out from a J site. Quite frankly, from the sounds of this chapter, I'd probably suggest waiting for the scans etc. and look at them before reading spoilers on it; it sounds really good. :P I can't wait to actually read the chapter whenever. ^_^

And for those who absolutely want to know what's in the chapter...

This year, Kyo decides not to visit Kyoko's grave with everyone else. It appears that he doesn't have the courage to go with everyone else there. To which the person demands "just what sort of cruel thing did you do!?" Apparently Kyo in some form or other was definitely involved in Kyoko's accident. Still, Kyo ends up going on his own to the cemetary but, remembering Hana-chan's words from last time decides to go home instead. But before he can leave the person he meets is...

Honda Grandpa!

Grandpa clearly remembers Kyo (me: from when he and Yuki kidnapped her from the evil relatives?) and they wonder if maybe he's seen Kyo from before as well but figures maybe they're looking too deep into things. :P

His calling Tohru "Kyoko"; Kyo and they both thought that was rather in poor taste but this gets cleared up a bit. It was necessary in order for both him and Tohru to keep going after Kyoko's death. Kyoko's the one who got him and his son back together again so she was also very important to him. And Kyo feels the extent of his crime(?) again.

And grandfather reveals something else. Tohru's strange polite manner of speech. It was something that she picked up from her father; she got it from trying to imitate her father. Tohru practised (that manner of speech) very hard to try to keep Kyoko going. And her grandfather called Tohru Kyoko to keep Tohru going. And so not just Kyo but the person writing also felt really bad. >_< And they also comment that Tohru really wasn't very lucky fortunate with the relatives she has, but for all that, she's really lucky in all the friends she has instead.

When Kyo goes home, he finds Tohru doing the laundry. It's the same sort of scene as we saw when Tohru failed that test. And we finally learn why Kyo saw Tohru eating alone when she was young.

And Kyo asks Tohru about her father. Tohru happily tells him that they were supposedly not at all alike, but at least their manner of speech was similar. Poor Tohru. Apparently they were nothing alike. They were so unalike one another that she forced herself in order to have something similar with him. In truth she resented her father for taking her mother away from her. And Tohru ends up holding the laundered sheets crying because she feels really low for having made her father the "villain" to suit her own needs and for breaking her promise.

By promise; that would be that promise? That her mother would always be most important? And Kyoru starts to sprout(?) maybe takes off or blooms etc would work better in English. :P In any case, Tohru shows her true self to Kyo.

But that's not all! Kyo hugs Tohru through the sheets! But he doesn't transform so like with the school festival he's probably stopping himself right at the limits of what's doable? or is it okay because the sheet's between them?

And even though she'd resented her father before, apparently, now she carries his photo with her as well. ^_^

And apparently the next chapter supposed to be about the mabu-trio's past.


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