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More Ch 108

This is essentially what I've managed to pick up from Baby Pink's summary for this chapter. None of the other J sites that I frequent seems to have updated for this chapter as of yet. As for scans... who knows if/when any of us will get to see them after everything that's been happening in the FGML. @_@ If there're no scans... well, I'll get my own copy in ohhh a month or so to do the summary. *shrug*

Oh, and in case it's not clear about the comment about this being the first time that all the 12shi have gathered, it means that literally since the beginning of the curse, someone's been missing whether it's God or one of the 12shi or even the cat perhaps. I guess it's a lot harder to gather all of them together than everyone'd thought despite how many families/individuals are in the Sohma family.

Anyhow, on to Baby Pink's summary and thoughts. It's rather interesting in its different interpretation from Amayadori's.


They start off how they felt the tension level in the new chapter was rather low but then, since it was so long since the previous chapter, they don't really remember what'd happened last time.

They were surprised that Tohru was in fact aware of her own feelings. And that she was a bit worried by the thought that Shigure and Isuzu might have realised how she felt. And the reason for it was...

In the past, Isuzu had asked her "What/who's the most important to you" and Tohru couldn't answer. Her automatic answer should have been "Mom" but she couldn't say it and that's because her feelings for Kyo had definitely taken root especially after she'd learned of his eventual lock-up. But Tohru's afraid that she'll slowly start to forget her mother so she decided to always think of her. That's very much living in the past isn't it... Perhaps that's the darkness in Tohru's heart...? That's why thinking of Kyo is in a sense looking to the future but... I'm still not sure.

?? (Not sure what's she said next but essentially Shigure comes into the scene). The road/path that Shigure talks about, it seems like the path one takes in life. We won't mention that I couldn't help smiling at the picture of Shigure holding Tohru's hand as they walked. It seems that Shigure's probably had the feeling that they were the last 12shi for some time. And that this is the first time that all of the 12shi have been gathered! It really does seem to be special doesn't it. And that Kureno also had this premonition as well! It seems that somehow or another, everyone senses it... As for all of the 12shi know of what is to become of the cat... Somehow, I thought that might be the case but, it still feels like we get a glimpse of a darker aspect of people... That bullying and discrimination never disappear from the workplace, perhaps it's because of human weakness and frailty... I remember Kagura's words "Compared to the cat, I'm not at all "unlucky"" Perhaps if she didn't think that way, it would've been difficult to maintain her mental balance. But I thought at that time with Kagura that that instant when you realise your own weakness and and ugliness is truely very sad and difficult... In truth, everyone wants to be sound but to realise that you can't is... (cry) Hatori's words, while I'm not Tohru, perhaps I didn't realised the true meaning of those words. Perhaps the idea that the 12shi to some extent are rejecting themselves is with respect to this.

Just why is Shigure so certain that the curse will be released? Perhaps there are other various rips (in the curse) as well. Hearing that, it seems that there was no other incident of the curse being lifted before Kureno. Which could mean that we'll no longer see the birth of the bird then.

And finally Shigure touches on Tohru's true self. Tohru has a surprised look on her face and Shigure too is a bit surprised? Personally I thought that maybe Tohru didn't think too highly of her father because he took away her mother but, it felt like it was because, having experienced the fear of having her mother leave as a child, her attachment was therefore that much stronger. No doubt when Tohru tells herself so strongly "No" there are people who, not realising these circumstances, ask "Why not?" Although it's not to the extent of "You're annoying" but... It'd be nice if the one who said that is one Kakeru's side; I've been really wondering about what sort of tie lies between Kakeru and Tohru!!

And as chance or fate would have it (probably fate), Kyo shows up. It seems that he didn't hear what they were talking about. And it was explained as (Tohru having) a fight with Rin.

That she's unsure about her feelings for Kyo, perhaps it's because Kyo will himself be going away on his side. Also... There are times that you just have to let go; most likely... that's her feelings for Kyoko. But for now... perhaps that's the meaning for that "I'm sorry"? It reminds me for some reason of that time with the story about Hana-chan, Kyoko said that someday even though you end up walking a different path, there are those who will continue without feeling anything like heartlessness or sadness. That's why, even if in her own way Tohru is able to let Kyoko go, I think Tohru will realise that it wouldn't be out of cold-heartedness. Even so, to think that "we're always together" had such a deep meaning...

Shigure conscientiously returns to give Rin the present (Tohru was carrying). And then unexpectedly running into Hatori. Shigure like Aya, can't fake things with Hatori. No doubt these three really do know each other well.

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