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Ch 108...

No scans yet, but Soushuu's site has their summary up now. In brief...

They talk about how the chapter is a Tohru and Kyo chapter and surprise it's also a Tohru and Shigure chapter. They expected Tohru and Kyo but not Shigure and wonder if after the last chapter Shigure ran after Tohru.

"In any case,Tohru's closed lid become clear. Kyoko-san was so dear that Tohru thought deep inside that she'd never make another person so important to her. The image of Kyoko-san and Tohru together is the picture from volume 10. The most important (dear) person was her mother so(?) Tohru doesn't carry her father's photo. (Tohru's grandfather that appears not to be his usual out of it self and properly calls her Tohru. But between then and the first volume is only a few moths right!? You mean that was just acting!? He might be quite the actor then... (laughs)).

"Because it felt like I would be beaten by everything"
Perhaps she was in the same state as Kyoko was after losing Katsuya...
"I'll continue thinking about mother in my heart" that oath was what helped her keep on living and so she's scared at having anything shake that... Perhaps that's why she kept herself from realising her feeling for Kyo.

I wonder what Kyoko-san would think if she knew how Tohru felt about all this...

As Tohru wanders about thinking about various things, Shigure appears and grabs her hand. And then finally shows his true self (?) to Tohru or rather he talks about the core of the Sohmas.

What Kureno talked about before + a number of new things come out..!

This was the first time that all of the 12shi were gathered
Really!? I'd wondered if it mightn't be a bit difficult getting them all gathered together... That this is the first time... Was Shigure thinking about the end (of the curse) ever since Hiro was born...!?"

Shigure shows up and tells her that this is the first time that all of the 12shi have been together. Shigure says that Kureno's being released from the curse wasn't spontaneous or forced or anything...

S/He also makes a comment about the curse and turning into animals but I'm not sure what to make of the comment. They're going on surprised about in the past maybe the dragon was in fact a dragon and not a sea horse and how it would be quite the ordeal, etc. etc.... I think I'll back away from that paragraph. ^_^;;

*All of the 12shi know that the cat is to be locked up*
They wonder if Kagura's childhood story was in order to tie in to this part. And that not just Kagura, but all of them felt that way...

Shigure tells a number of things to Tohru and they wonder if maybe Tohru will hit Shigure? They were hoping it would happen but it didn't, but that Yuki, Kyo or Tohru, one of the three will do it and that they want to see that. ^^

And here Hatori makes an appearance (Soushu's an absolute Hatori fan by the looks of things). Anyhow, Hatori's not there in person but in flashback with regards to that scene in the second volume where he tells Tohru that they're cursed. (Can't recall the full line).

When asked "Do you want to save Kyo" "Not possible" (whether it means Tohru saying she can't or Shigure telling her can't be determined without seeing the actual scene) but the guy Tohru thinks of at this point is...!?

From the looks of things it appears like the scene's from Kyoko's funeral and says "You're annoying."

*Is it Nabe-kun!?*
If so, it's understandable why Hana-chan would remember him. But they can't imagine what sort of relationship they have and maybe they're wrong but they hope it's Nabe-kun. But that they feel like more about Nabe and his girlfriend might come out with Nabe and Tohru having some sort of tie... but they don't really understand. ^^

And Kyo shows up.

Shigure tells Kyo that Tohru's crying because she'd had a fight with Rin to which Kyo apparently say "I kinda wish I could've seen that".

And Shigure takes the gift Tohru was carrying and takes it to Rin. **AND HATORI REALLY DOES APPEAR!!** (<- I told you they're a major Hatori fan... ^^;; ) They go on to talk about Shigure's manner around Hatori (perhaps because he was taken offguard after talking so seriously with Tohru.)

And at the end we have Tohru's "Maybe I already know what I'll let go of" that was preceded by "Sorry, I want to stay here for just a little longer" so... Does that mean the one she'll let go of is Kyo!?

"The person Kyo met on Kyoko's anniversary is...!?"


I've also had a chance to pop in on Baby Pink's site and they also have a summary up which actually makes more sense than Amayadori's. The main adders being that when Tohru's wandering around, she wonders (or perhaps worries is more accurate) that Shigure and Rin may have realised how she feels about Kyo. Otherwise, my brain's too tired to work out how to translate this second summary into English (even though it's much calmer and more orderly...) Anyhow, someone who reads HtY should have a summary up shortly about the full chapter hopefully. I'll wait for the scans to come out. ^^

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