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Manga clips

There's something to be said about searching everywhere for something. For one thing, I found my product code for Corel Essentials graphics program after it went missing oh... half a year or more ago. ^^; Unfortunately, that which I've been looking for (VG 8 and a Judal doujinshi) still eludes me. >_<

BUT... since I've been going through all these boxes of manga... I also ended up flipping through a number of them and, since I was already scanning for Yoru no Hitomi, I decided to scan some little snippets and scanlate them from other series. Namely Komisch and Carbuncle. Carbuncle is another Judal title that's been running for quite some time in Shinshokan's South Comics. I expect that if she writes any more for it that it'll probably be published in Wings. It's an interesting fantasy adventure story that's currently sitting at 6 volumes and that I'm seriously thinking about starting on as well. (What's with this sudden push for Judal titles girl?!?)

The other one is for the series Komisch by Tachibana Kaimu (who wrote Shinesman and a few other series). I honestly don't remember too much about the series anymore (it's been a few years since I read it) but the snippet happens right at the beginning of the manga and was just too funny. I wish I had a teacher like that in high school!

Anyhow, these are temporary links and I have no idea what I'll do with these clips later. (They can't stay on the front page obviously.) Still, I thought people might enjoy them while we wait for FB 108. ^_^


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