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Shadow [userpic]

Getting there

April 16th, 2005 (02:20 pm)

Slowly but surely... That'll have to be my approach to things this weekend. ^^; The work computer is still only partly set-up and is definitely giving me a run for the money. One program is finally up and running now that I've found some updates for it, but email... I can't believe that I've still only managed to get the thing to pull email but not send. I have to find more updates to that program to get it to work properly. ^^;;

But, more importantly(? oy, where are your priorities girl??) Vampire Game Act 2 is almost finished. I still have to do a bit more work on it, but it's coming together now. Vol 1 is so "short" in that it only has 4 (long) chapters plus the short side story and author notes. Mind you, the story doesn't get going until Act 3/4 at the least and really not until the next story arc. 15 volumes eh... That's a lot of books. >_< (Heck it's more than I translated for FB). Well, we'll see. For one thing, I still haven't found one of the J volumes (vol 8) and so would probably cut things off there. Shall see.

After reading TP's vol 9 & 10... the further I read the story the less I like the adaptation. They did well in that they did an okay job in keeping things relatively consistent, but the adaptation does push things. In one volume, I noticed that they mentioned drinking so early(? in the morning?) yet the windows in the scene are all black showing that it's night time outside. ^^; It's a shame they made all the characters so flat and bitchy; the actual story's characters are much nicer and richer.

Oh well. Hopefully Vol 14 & 15 will get here soon. (I really want to know how this series ends). Also, most likely sometime tomorrow Act 2 and the other tidbits I've finished for Vol 1 will go up as well as some other little changes here and there. I wonder if anyone's even reading VG yet...? Too bad I don't have any scans for it since I do like Judal's artwork. ^_^