Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

I hate new computers...

Well, okay maybe not quite. I like new systems for what they can do. I just hate setting them up. We just picked up a new system for work; it's actually a gaming computer for the better graphics compared to a standard system, but then, it's for design work. All I can say is that it's been a loooooonnng day. Just after we left the shop, I noticed that they gave us the wrong monitor, keyboard and mouse for the system and so had to get those changed. Once we got back and started to backup the old system... Windows decided to bite the bullet on the old machine. Well, it's good timing in that it waited until the new system came in the door at least. ^^; It's also a good thing that we had a disk caddy to stick the old harddrive in and that everything else seems to be intact. The only thing is...

According to the sticker on the new computer, I'm not allowed to go inside to stick in the modem; it'll void the warranty. However, when buying the system, I was told that would be okay. T_T I'm going to have to call them tomorrow and make sure basic things like installing a modem or memory etc will NOT void that stupid thing. So instead of getting everything up and running and updated, I'm slowly going to lose time on the limited unregistered software since I can't access the 'net at the moment. That's okay, we also discovered that the work phone line is down as of late this evening. It's just been a *weird* day today. >_<

Ah well. I gave my sister her b-day present part of which is Vampire Game manga by Tokyopop and she's letting me read the manga first. ^^;; (She knows me too well...) Hopefully it'll help take my mind off the strange way today's gone and hopefully tomorrow my order from England will arrive. I discovered a tea shop over there that has some really good shortbread cookies and so, despite the insanity (read stupidity) of having them ship those overseas, put in an order for tea and cookies. Ah but they're such GOOD shortbread cookies! ^^;;

Anyhow, I should get to bed and read these manga volumes. Someone might like them back tomorrow. :P May tomorrow be less interesting than today was...

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