Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

What a day...

Ugh! What a long semi-marathon day. Fortunately the new washing machine arrived safe and sound and looks like it'll do quite nicely but moving the dryer back in place... I know my back wasn't too happy after moving the old machine down to the basement but... (upper back muscle pain and strain... felt like a bad golf day.) I wonder what exactly went wrong. It's quite obvious something blew on the door's control board. (Strangely not R11/Q6 by the looks of things though.) We also need to get the door hood replaced since it has the earlier model mold problems. Ewww... it was pretty ill looking at that door. Mind you... getting the door hood replacement means that we'd get a new control board anyways...

But... after that, going to the Craft show was interesting. They had a number of displays from various craft shops and had even had a quilting challenge of some sort. It was interesting to see all the things that have happened and changed in that area over the past several years.

And of course there was the teriyaki dinner. I guess if it's put on by the Buddhist church it's not too surprising that notice from the Japanese association doesn't come out until quite a bit later. Still, more than a couple of days notice would be nice. Trying to find that information on the net was quite the challenge too.

And going through the Ghost Hunt sites, Stock Roll updated with the latest chapter to their story. Aaaaahhh!! I can't find the line that they're referencing in this chapter from the previous story. I know I'm not very good at skimming in Japanese but... Where is it!?!? I want to read that scene again!! Actually, I find this site interesting in their depiction of Taniyama Mai. She's more of a cross between Mai and Tohru than true Mai. The way I see Mai, she has way more spunk and confidence than she's been showing in that story lately and yet... given the circumstances the author's put her through... I guess that's understandable too. Otherwise, I hope Tenca updates her site soon... ^_^;;

Hmm... I swear I'm really starting to hate e-mails. I counted the spam from Friday and it was *over* 300 messages! Isn't that just a *little* ridiculous!?! Granted it's over several accounts but 300+!? This morning's e-mail notice... ... ...never mind. I don't want to think about that right now. I'll have to deal with it shortly though.

And today's update... (what did I do??) Umm... Ch 81 draft and Ch 30's draft are now up as well as 4? 5? snippet translations. The CD drama tracks for 5~ will have to wait another day or so as I need to crash soon. I'll probably have to look through the translations I posted today to make sure they actually are complete as well. My brain's not doing well on checker mode today. Actually, it hasn't been very good at anything for the past week or more. *grumble* Wow, that was quite the whinge fest. Must make sure to keep whinge mode off; I hate being so whiny like that. You end up wanting to kick yourself... or something like that anyways.

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