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Rant, whine, whinge etc. etc.

Last week sometime, I decided to start reading Judal's Vampire Game while exercising. And while reading through the first volume, all I could think was "this is... weird?" Something just struck me as odd but then, considering how often I read English manga, perhaps a bit of oddness isn't out of the ordinary. So, being the bright eyes that I'm not, I read through all our English volumes and started hunting out the J volumes for this manga. And that's when everything clicked into place. That "odd" feeling I got while reading was because the English version was *too* Americanized. And when reading through the original I realised that TokyoPop for whatever reason, decided to "adapt" the original manga.

I think I'm just really tired of this attitude and approach by the various companies. Yes, I'm in a position to watch the original versions and all but is it really too much to ask that companies leave things intact? (Not to mention most people can't read the originals and it's a pain sometimes (for me) to have to always order from Japan or import companies). Or did they figure that this manga-ka just wouldn't sell without punching up their story? And if so, why on Earth did they ever decide to license her work in the first place then?? (They did edit some images to follow their adaptation rather than for following the original story line). Also, why is it TPs "100% Authentic Manga" line if it simply isn't anymore?

Judal isn't exactly one of my top 5 fave manga-ka. Don't get me wrong, I like her stuff. She just isn't an absolute must-have-or-I'll-die manga-ka *for me*. Even so, she's written some really fun manga of which only one has been licensed to my knowledge - Vampire Game. (I really like Carbuncle and Night Eye by her.) I will admit, TPs treatment of VG has annoyed me to the point that I've opened a VG section on this site - provided I can UL the changes. FTPs acting really wonky right now. I also don't know how far I'll go with it because I don't like the idea of touching a title that's been licensed. It should be off limits. But given what TP did... >_< I'm tossing my moral ideals around quite a bit a the moment.

Otherwise, I'm also thinking of starting on Carbuncle. It's a 6 volume series that hasn't finished in Shinshokan's Wings Comics, but also hasn't moved for about 2 years. Judal's sense of humour has been growing on me these past several days as I've read her work. ^^; But that'll have to wait a touch since I don't have the spare volumes to chop apart for scanning purposes. I also don't know if anyone's picked up her other titles for project purposes either as yet.

Anyhow, we'll see how things go from hereon. The nice thing is that FB Ch 108 should be out soon. Looking forward to seeing how that goes. ^_^ Otherwise, there's some minor talk over here about *maybe* heading across the pond for a week and going shopping after Golden Week. Someone here also owes me lunch - supposedly either in Niigata or in Osaka too. :P I'd like that but all this shopping is going to drive me seriously bankrupt. >_< Shall see how things go I guess.

Oh, and if Windows cooperates, hopefully I'll be able to UL the latest update sometime today with VG Act 1's translation (no scans). It's done but FTP isn't connecting for some reason. @_@

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