Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ch 107...

Awwww...... I have to say that there are some really cute moments and some really sweet ones in this chapter. While not like other chapters, some of the pic's in this one are really something. Mostly this chapter seems like a lot of background work to ease into the next segment which will be about Tohru's feelings and how she feels about Kyo.

Anyhow from this chapter... seeing Haru stare at Rin and Tohru together and how he seems to just love how Rin's made a friend in Tohru, how Tohru worries so much about Rin and as he'd put it later "Miss Honda was really worried about you; even more than the Sohmas were" indicating how great he thought it was that an "outsider" cared even more than family did about Rin's well-being.

Even so, seeing Shishou, Haru and Yuki talk about where Rin had been locked up; "I see, the place where Kyo will end up" sounds like Shishou's given up too over Kyo's eventual lock up!? That's no good! Shishou can't give in to that! However, when Kyo and Tohru are talking together in the kitchen at Shigure's, it's clear to Tohru that Kyo's given in to his fate. How he talks about how Shishou won't feel lonely if Rin ends up living at his place... >_< But I think my fave image was Shigure when he was talking to Rin and Tohru interrupts telling Rin that sooner or later or eventually wasn't good enough. That the curse had to be broken by next spring otherwise it was no good. The look on Shigure's face... >_<

Shigure obviously knows how Tohru feels and who she loves and seeing her like that, I think in his own way he really cares for Tohru and knows that she's getting hurt in all this. Sometimes we only see his more flip or casual side or his darker side, seeing him with that expression... ^^

In any case, chapter 108 is promising to be most interesting when we get started in on Tohru's story. It's a bit of a wait though; April 20th. Not to mention we'll probably be seeing lots of new manga-ka in one of the interim releases since it's that time of year again. At least Hakusensha doesn't take a publishing break like Sho-Comi does at this time of year. ^^

Otherwise... next month's furoku is a petit-Kyon file and a petit-Yunyun memo pad. This ought to be cute! May is also promising to be an interesting month with the official Guide Book and a drama CD being released on top of Vol 17. I'll have to see about ordering the drama CD sometime. >_< I don't know... I recently saw flight rates to Tokyo - $629 rtn! That's obscenely low!! It's just sooooo tempting to pop in and buy a ticket... except that I hate Tokyo of course. But that doesn't mean I can't buy a rail pass and jump elsewhere... But... T_T

*sigh* Ah well; I guess I should get caught up with the inbetweens in the meantime since I get this long break. >_< Either that or torture my poor sim some more in Sims 2. 12 pregnancies later she *finally* ends up having twins; fraternal ones (boy and girl). Sheesh I wanted identical twins.

And a minor aside on FB... I was reading through vol 15 again today and couldn't help but feel again for Yuki in that chapter of how he'd first met Tohru so long ago. There's so much detail that I'd forgotten about when he talked to Manabe. Yuki seeing Tohru as a mother, wanting that sort of unconditional parental love; not to mention child Yuki yearning after a warm home and friends; Yuki and Manabe fighting; Manabe calling Yuki "Princess"... ^o^ All in all a very Yuki-centric volume (there are other moments like "the play" and Kyo stealing Tohru's script after she showed it to Shigure...).

But, I'm babbling... anyhow, hope folks enjoy ch 107. ^_^

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