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Ch 105 Summary now up!

Okay, someone tell me where my brain's gone because I'm having problems remembering locations all of a sudden. Grr... (Couldn't remember where this blog was even...!?! Sheesh.) :P

ANYhow... yeah. Chapter 105's summary is now up. A very interesting chapter and I really need to sit down with those chapters between 97 and now because I'm trying to find information from before and can't remember where they were. The comments in Ch 98 by the man, Akito's father? / Akira? telling her how they'd all been waiting for her and how she'd been born to be loved...

... Come to think of it, it's sort of the opposite and yet in keeping with Kyoko's father's comment of how in this world there are those who are needed and those who aren't. ... I'll have to think about that more later.

In any case, that comment and the comment from the spirit of the 12shi themselves not to betray Akito came back when reading this chapter and seeing Akito fall apart like that. No doubt her imprisonment of Rin started after New Year's when Yuki stood up to Akito and Akito later had that run-in with Ren. The bond which is so important to her; is everything to her. Her reaction is still very much that of a little child who can't let go and is very scared to see things not go as she wants.

Akito's crying of what her father had told her so long ago; her background is in many ways how Tohru's could have ended up if Kyoko hadn't remembered that she had a child still waiting for her and how important she was. Both Kyoko and Ren had gone a little crazed at the death of their beloved, but while Ren remained lost, Kyoko managed to remember someone she needed to keep going on for. There are so many interesting contrasts and variations to similar yet so different types. I wonder how much the older 12shi had to take care of Akito and try to keep her safe from Ren for those years, and how soon after that Kureno was freed from the curse. Akito seems to rely heavily on that bond; so much so, it makes you wonder just how much she feels through it.

If for Kureno, being freed opened the world to him, what did it do to Akito? Ah, but that's chapter 97/98, this is 105. Angry Haru was really interesting to see. And hearing Kureno tell him he should go and not come back... >_< It reminded me of Kureno's comments to Tohru when she'd snuck into the main compound and told her that she shouldn't be in a place like that. Hatori too had tried to warn Tohru away from getting involved with the clan because of the dark secrets it held.

Ah.... my brain isn't making any sense right now. (Come to think of it, it hasn't been making much sense since coming back from vacation last time.) ^_^; In any case a very interesting chapter, and I'm definitely curious to see what Rin and Haru do; if they do run off together and never return as Kureno's implying they do. I wonder what sort of bet Ren and Akito have considering if Akito's head of the Sohma clan, there's going to be pressure soon for her to marry. Perhaps not right away, but soon. She's definitely not going to be able to keep her secret going for too much longer. It's a wonder she's kept it (if she truly has) this long?

We finally got to see a bit of what Haru feels and just how strongly he really loves Rin. Rin telling him that it's okay because he's there yet his realising that things weren't really okay... And his comparing himself to those worthless adults who'd hurt Rin so long ago and feeling himself no different for putting his own desires first. Wanting Rin to himself even though he knew how Akito would react and how things would turn out for Rin. Suspecting, but not knowing; yet acting like he didn't know a thing.

Interesting concepts for sure; hopefully Rin will finally open up and talk to Haru now. And not swing the poor IV at the guy. ^_^;;

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