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I *think* the site redesign has finally been finished. I haven't hit every last page though so I really can't say for certain. Obviously with the new design there are some definite changes. Shall see how they go. I'm not sure about making things link-free but... Some people just didn't get it before. In any case, there's still a lot that's "under construction" and in various states of repair. >_< There are a lot more pages than I knew in this site and updating them's been proving a greater task than even I'd expected. ^_^;; Live and learn.

In any case, the first summary for the changed FB section is up. It's just about a translation given how much I threw in there, but that'll be for another century and another page.

If anyone out there happens to find a broken link or img etc., I'd really appreciate it if you drop me a line and let me know where. ^_^

Otherwise, next up:

Tsubasa Ch 7. Overdue. >_< Sorry Merrow!

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