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Quick post. Hakushaku to Yousei is about to enter the final arc with the next vol (to be released Mar 30). The afterword a couple vols ago did mention the end was in sight... ^^;

伯爵と妖精 オーロラの護りを胸に Aurora's Protection in One's Heart

リディアとエドガーに子供が!? ついに最終章突入!!

A child between Lydia and Edgar?! We enter the final arc at last!!
In order to escape an attack, Lydia and Edgar (who has lost his memory) take refuge at the residence of some elderly sisters. Not feeling well, Lydia realises she might be pregnant. She'd been told it wasn't possible for her to have Edgar's child, but...?!

- Edgar's memory loss happened in the last main story vol (Shinjitsu no Ki)
- Lydia learned the symptoms of pregnancy a few vols ago when she lied about being pregnant when capture by Thelan and the organisation. (Jounetsu no Hana, I think...?)
- Lydia learned that she wouldn't be able to have Edgar's (or any man other than the Prophet's) child in the vol where she first met Daniel. (Shiroi Tsubasa or Towa no Omoi; can't remember exactly which one)

April's releases are looking good. HakuYou, Sugar Apple, and Head Princess. Too bad no Silvery Knights this time. ^^;
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