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Do *not* look at/read the Another (novel; I don't think there's an anime entry) Wiki if you don't want to get spoiled. >.> I was looking for info on one of the characters (Takabayashi's given name if it was ever mentioned) and couldn't avoid running into a total spoiler as a result. That said, I find it a bit sad that the only time I'm tempted to read the novel is after watching an episode, and even then, I think it's mostly because I'm still waiting for my books to arrive. ^^;

Ep 6 had some really good info following up on ep 5. My questions about the story (before running into the spoiler in the wiki. Not that anyone can really answer them, but...) would be:

- why does the mynah bird keep asking why?
- Grandpa's comment about poor Ritsuko followed by poor Reiko. He's going senile, yes, but...?
- Ms Mikami was the HR teacher for 3-3 in '96 and is in charge of the art club this year ('98). Why was there no art club last year? And why only Asst. HR teacher this year?
- what happened in '83 (Reiko's year) that resulted in things stopping around/during summer holidays?
- If Dad's phone call is true, Kouichi was in Yomiyama 1.5 years ago. But Kouichi says he hadn't been back since entering JHS? What happened then and who's right? (Kouichi would've been in Gr 7 1.5 years ago.)
- treating one student as 'non-existent' is only effective ~half the time. Why? (Assuming it's not because the student cracked like 2 years ago.)

While I now know something about things, I'm still quite in the dark about pretty much everything else, so it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the story plays out and how the info is revealed. (I haven't read much beyond what I ended up seeing in the Wiki.) Likewise, I haven't decided if I want to read the rest of the book (and/or read ahead) or if I want to see how things play out in the anime.

And what I remember reading in the book that wasn't mentioned / might not be as clear in the anime. (Up to Kouichi going to the doll shop/museum)

- Kouichi's not entirely comfortable around his aunt Reiko, but I don't remember if it states exactly why. Might because he finds her attractive much like Mochizuki's crush on Ms Mikami...?
- Wow, Kouichi has a one track mind when it comes to Mei. He's new to the class/school but is always looking to see where she is etc. ^^;
- Kouichi's more superstitious than he lets on. When Mei doesn't show up for a day, he remembers how she went back into the school (after their talk on the roof) and she entered with her right foot first. He worries that maybe she fell victim to the jinx about having to enter with your left foot first or you'll end up being injured within a month.
- First call from the nurse (Mizuno) reveals that the girl who'd died at the hospital the day Kouchi first met Mei was a Jr HS student. She'd undergone major surgery at another hospital. The procedure had gone very well and her recovery was progressing normally when she transferred to their hospital and suddenly took a turn for the worse. They'd been unable to do very much before she ended up dying.

And a question I had for people who watched the subbed version of ep 6.

There was a shot when Kouichi was talking to his father and they showed a couple of certificates on the wall. Did they ever say what those certs were for? I can't quite figure out what the one on the right was for although it would've been awarded to Ritsuko. Maybe it'll be more clearly spelled out in the novel if/once I reach that part. ^^;

Methinks I'm enjoying this series a bit too much. :P
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