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Dusting off the ol' DW account (aka Not Much)

It's been so long since I've posted actual content, I'm not sure I know what or how to write anymore... ^^; Actually, when it comes to HakuYou, if I'm not mistaken, the next vol that hasn't really been covered either by summaries or through point-form description in the timeline would be v 11 (花嫁修業は薔薇迷宮で / Hanayome Shuugyou wa Bara Meikyuu de) Bridal Training in the Rose Maze.

Every time I look at this volume I go blank. Not because nothing happens in it, but rather because little of consequence happens in it. The plot is pretty mundane, Lydia's to go off for training in proper etiquette for a lady of the nobility. Edgar also tells Lydia that he was going to try to arrange for her to be presented to the Queen so she can make her debut to society. Lydia panics at that thought and refuses.

......I was going to say that "things happen, the two have their misunderstandings and arguments, but in the end Lydia ends up meeting the Queen and makes her debut to society. The end." But... I completely forgot about how cute and funny these two were together at this point in the story and got caught up in reading the beginning to this book when looking up the argument over the audience with the Queen scene. I'll have to reconsider writing a little more about this book now. ^^;

Otherwise, I recently started following the thread on shoujo light novel sales rankings and came across the following info for (some) Jan releases.

The info's from post #331 in this thread on 2ch.

*** 205 *49 *10 伯爵と妖精 恋よりもおだやかに見つめて 谷瑞恵 高星麻子
*** 488 112 *35 贅沢な身の上 いざ、ときめきの桃園へ! 我鳥彩子 犀川夏生

*** 316 *47 *56 銀の竜騎士団 恋するウサギは密猟禁止 九月文 明咲トウル
*** 341 *38 *46 シュガーアップル・フェアリーテイル 銀砂糖師と黄の花冠 三川みり あき
*** 348 *40 *30 首の姫と首なし騎士 いわくつきの訪問者 睦月けい 田倉トヲル
*** 383 *76 *37 秘密のロイヤル・プリンス 兄上、旅立ちの時間です あさぎ桜、藤谷燈子 あさぎ桜
*** 455 *73 101 赤き月の廻るころ 祝福の花嫁 岐川新 凪かすみ

Basically, they're weekly sales rankings for new releases. Cobalt's titles are HakuYou (Koi yori mo...) and Zeitaku na Mi no Ue. Beans bunko series titles are Gin no Ryuu Kishidan ("The Silvery Knights of Dragon") v3, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale v7, Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi ("Head Princess & Headless Knight") v2, Himitsu no Royal Prince, and Akaki Tsuki no Meguru koro v10. The first 3 titles for Beans is rather interesting as they play musical rankings between them. ^^; (I haven't really followed the last 2 titles for Beans and haven't seen much about the second Cobalt title.)

I posted a few scans from Sugar Apple Fairy Tale as well as Head Princess &... but never mentioned The Silvery Knights of Dragon before. I might want to take some scans from that one and maybe write a touch about these 3 series. Unfortunately, I've gotten especially caught up in Sugar Apple. >.<;; I wrote up this short translation of the Prologue to the first vol of Sugar Apple with the intention of writing more about the series but didn't get very far with it. Hopefully a bit later. ^^; And despite the length, this post has very little in it. *sigh* Ah well. Hopefully little by little while I wait for the rest of Sugar Apple to arrive.

Unfortunately, the prologue doesn't give much sense of the actual series, but... ^^;

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale - Gin Satoushi to Kuro no Yousei
(The Silver Sugar Master and the Black Fairy)
Mikawa Miri

What's the matter, Ann? Can't you sleep?

It's okay. These sorts of days happen sometimes.

In that case, how about Mama telling you a story about the old days. A story about the fairies that's told in the Kingdom of Highland.

Right, fairies. About the people who have thin wings on their backs. You've seen them working in rich people's homes, right?

Come on, hurry up and get in bed. That's a good girl. In that case, I'll start.

Long, long ago, way back before people learned how to make fire, this kingdom used to be a fairy kingdom. There was a fairy king, and the fairies lived peacefully with their king as their leader.

The fairies called their kingdom Highland. It meant that of all living creatures, it was "the kingdom above all else". Humans at that time were powerless and had no intelligence, so they used them as slaves.

Yes, that's right.

These days, people force fairies to work for them, but long ago, the fairies controlled people.

Okay? I'll continue then.

The fairies loved peace. They were always seeking beautiful and fun things.

The fairies lived that way for hundreds of years never changing.

But humans were different. They changed little by little.

Humans worked hard eventually learning how to make fire. And they gained wisdom. Until they finally realised that they didn't need to be controlled by the fairies.

This was five hundred years ago.

The humans revolted and took control of Highland. And they made the fairies servants to humans.

Eh? Well, yes.

It's very sad for the fairies these days. Most people think that the fairies "lived an idle life so they lost to humans, and that they are fools." But Mama doesn't think that. There are far fewer fairies than there are humans, so I think they ended up losing in a battle of strength.

Why do I think that? But you know, it's said that it's the fairies who first discovered how to refine silver sugar from sugar apples. The first people to make sugar sculptures were the fairies.

There's no way that the people who can make such wonderful things would be fools.

So we mustn't look at fairies with contempt - even if it's just us sugar sculpture artisans.

I think we have to see and treat them as our friends.

You too, okay Ann? Ann? ......oh dear. She fell asleep. That's a good girl, Ann. Good night.

Sleep well, and smile. And grow up to become a sweet-tempered girl like sugar sculptures.

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