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Misc Beans Scans and Latest HakuYou

I haven't decided yet if I want to scan snippets from the latest Cobalt mags like I have with The Beans since they introduce new series differently there. There's one series on that side that I've taken a bit of an interest in thanks to a manga serialisation that's currently running in there, but... >.> It's pretty wordy, and I don't know if the series is actually getting a magazine run or if it's a straight to tankoubon title. I need to do some more hunting around. ^^;

Decided to poke around Seike Mimori's and Shibata Isuzu's blogs for any info about Migawari Hakushaku and found out that novel V1 is getting released by Tsubasa Bunko - Kadokawa Publishing Group's children's books division. Both blogs are saying that there'll probably be some adjustments to the story to meet the lower age/reading ability (more hiragana and maybe explanations, too?). I'll have to consider if I want to try picking up a copy and seeing how it is. I've never picked up a title by Tsubasa (the division was created in 2009 to introduce best sellers and other major works to children/youths).

Anyhow, today is an odd mix of scans primarily from The Beans. I've scanlated some mini-manga that ran in the mags for some new(er) titles. Sugar Apple Fairy Tale seems to be getting pushed pretty heavily by the magazine, so I'm a bit curious to try that one out (haven't gotten hold of any volumes yet). ^^;

Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi (The Head Princess and the Headless Knight) - this is pretty much all I had to go on when deciding if I wanted to try this title out or not. ^^;

Manga Teaser for the title (scanlated)



I should mention that I changed the spelling for Shall/Shaul/Charles? name. If you use the French pronunciation, the last would definitely be a possibility. ......Otherwise, I don't know if Ann should be Ann or Anne, or if Mithrill has a set spelling or not. ^^;

SSs for this title have been getting published in the last few issues of the Beans, and the magazine does seem to be pushing it really hard, so I'm curious to see how this series is. It only started being released ~2 years ago and is already at 7 volumes! >.<;;

Hana wa Sakura Yori mo Hana no Gotoku
IIRC, this series has recently started being released as a manga. I was going to post the mini-manga that was put out for this series, but... it's very spoilery, so I decided not to at the last moment. ^^;

Ah, the latest HakuYou... ^o^ The title story is a short/mid length story continuing from the last main story novel (Shinjitsu no Ki no Shita de~)

Koi Yori mo Odayaka ni Mitsumete - Cover

She promised that she would always be with him. But for the first time, she felt afraid at the thought of doing so.

She wasn't supposed to be alone with him, and letting down her guard in his presence was also unwise. But for now, just for a little while, she wanted to let down her defenses, and she lay her head against his chest and clung to him.

The Last Dance is With You

The Mark of Happiness

Since she was wearing a tightly-closed collared outfit, naturally she couldn't see the mark. Aurora touched the lady's shoulder trying to determine the magic contained there.

"But Lydia's mark has magic in it. So even if the person doesn't mind that she has a birthmark, that magic could cause that person to become upset."
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