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More Scans

Continuing on with the scans, today's all Migawari Hakushaku. I was going to add some others but there are way too many images with this one. Unfortunately not much in the way of captions, and apparently I needed to do manga v3 and 4 as well. I didn't realise I was that behind on that front. As it is, V4 seems to have gone for a walk somewhere, so it might take a bit of hunting before they show up. ^^;;

Hana Yome Shugyou V3

SS Collection V2

Cover to a SSS included on a small insert in this volume

SSS insert

Pre-Marital Voyage V1

Cover to the SSS paper insert in this volume


Cover to the first issue of The Beans Premium (formerly The Beans). By the looks of things, they changed the name for the 10th Anniversary of The Beans mag. O_o

Manga V5 Cover

Manga V5 Back

Manga V5 inside back cover

Manga V5 colour insert

img towards the end of V5 that I liked. ^^;

I was originally planning on scanning the GH novels too, but... they'd only be cover scans since there are no images in the novels, so I wasn't sure there was really any point to it. Otherwise, more scans from HakuYou to come tomorrow probably. The latest volume arrived today, so I've been reading the main story in it. (The other two SSs were previously published in Cobalt magazine.) ^^;

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot to mention that the latest volumes for Migawari (novel and manga) should be coming out in February. Can't wait to see how things go next. ^o^
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