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Argh! (a.k.a. Events From HakuYou Vol 10)

Finished reading the latest HakuYou novel and figured it'd be a good idea for me to at least do a quick list of the main happenings in all the novels that I haven't covered to date. Some of the interim stuff is covered in the Timeline of Events I'd started creating a long time ago. (I need to fix one point which suggests that Ulysses woke the wyrm many years ago, but I think it's supposed to have only been a couple of years ago - when he brought Betty to be the wyrm's bride.)

I was supposed to go from memory, but... >.<;; Why can't I do quickie summaries?! This was supposed to be a multi-volume post, but I don't think LJ can handle more than one vol per post. ......I don't think *I* can handle more than one vol per post. ^^;

Book 10 - A Star Lights London Bridge

- Edgar goes to Cambridge to meet with Prof Carlton and asks for his permission to marry Lydia. He tells the professor his real identity and admits that Lydia knows. Prof Carlton doesn't think Lydia's ready for marriage yet and asks for more time to think things over. He gives Edgar some papers--Lydia had asked him to do some research into the flare fluorite.

- An illness is spreading in the slums of London. Paul meets an old friend Greg who tells him that the prophet M. Albert has predicted that the illness will spread devastating the city. Greg invites Paul to help out on M. Albert's ship known as "The Ark". Supposedly people who manage to get tickets for the ship will be spared from the deadly illness.

- On the train to Edinburgh, Edgar learns that Lydia doesn't remember the events of the past year thanks to Kelpie's magic. There's also a magic barrier around the town where she lives that prevents her from leaving and prevents anyone who knows what she'd been doing for the past year from entering. While Edgar knew that Kelpie wouldn't make it easy for him to come get Lydia, he didn't expect him to take away Lydia's memory of past events.

- Prof Carlton's research into myths surrounding the flare fluorite revealed that the stone could be used as a vessel for a person's soul and that soul could then be transplanted into another body. In order for the transfer to happen, the soul in the new body had to be destroyed and it was preferable for the body to be a blood relative.

- When asked for a way to be able to see Lydia, Nico mentions that there's a way for Edgar to get into town until sunset, but it would only work once. Edgar needed to have one of the town's residents invite him in. However, the magic barrier would still exist and Lydia still won't be able to leave.

- Lydia goes in to town to buy some honey, and ends up running into Edgar who had just arrived with some girls from town. They'd given him a lift after his carriage had gotten stuck. Lydia initially refuses to invite Edgar to her home since it would be inappropriate for her to invite a man in while her father was away, but Edgar tells her that that doesn't apply to her fiance. Edgar tries to get Lydia to remember she'd agreed to marry him using the moonstone ring on her finger as proof. However, Kelpie ends up interrupting them and whisks Edgar away.

- Lota visits Lydia that night much to Lydia's surprise. Lota asks why Lydia was in Scotland and if she and Edgar had fought. Apparently, Lydia had written to Lota earlier saying that he seemed rather serious in his proposal to her. Kelpie comes in through the window interrupting them. Since she'd been in Holland for the last while, he'd forgotten about her so his magic didn't affect her.

- Late that night, Lydia wakes from a dream and she goes outside and tries to step outside of the gate to the house only to discover herself inside the property. She realises that fey magic is preventing her from stepping outside the property and she gets the feeling that fey magic is also responsible for her missing memories. Lydia tries to leave the property but nothing works. Lota finds Lydia and asks her what's wrong. Lydia explains that she can't seem to leave, but she wants to see someone. Since they'd met during the day, she figure he should still be in town and she wanted to make sure they really had gotten engaged. Lydia tells Lota that she's apparently forgotten some things (like working for Edgar or his having proposed to her) and when she thought about it, the missing memories all dealt with Edgar. As far as she knew, she'd only had the one encounter with him. Lota promises to find out the truth and bring Edgar to see Lydia.

- Edgar spent the night at an inn in a neighbouring town. After being thrown out of town by Kelpie, he'd tried several times to return but was completely unsuccessful. In the morning, he receives a letter from the Scarlet Moon saying that Paul's missing. Raven tells Edgar that he thinks that the Prince might have something to do with the illness as it's confined to East End and hasn't shown up to the West of the city at all.

- Lota finds Edgar at his inn and tells him that Lydia wanted to see him. Coblynau finds them and tells them that Bow has become strong enough to call to him now, and that Bow knows of a way for Edgar to at least meet with Lydia. Unfortunately, it wouldn't break Kelpie's magic, so Edgar won't be able to take Lydia from the town.

- Lydia asks Nico to guide her and take her to London via Faerie. As they travel, they're chased by Ulysses' black hounds but just as they corner her, a bright silver light chases them off. A young man asks Lydia to come with him to his master. If she has the right, she'll be able to find his master's bolt. Kelpie finally finds Lydia as she debates whether to go with the man to London Bridge or not. He tells her that London Bridge is the most dangerous place to be right now as the nightmare that Ulysses has raised is bound there. London Bridge has long been a fortress protecting London, but what Lydia hadn't realised is that that included against evil as well. The silvery man and Kelpie fight, and Kelpie ends up falling into a lake, and the man whisks Lydia and Nico away to London.

- Coblynau delivers a message to Edgar from Bow as Edgar prepares to leave for a party on The Ark. Coblynau explains that Lydia and Nico left Scotland going via Faerie and were headed for London and that he had travelled via routes open to his own kind. However, Coblynau didn't know when or where Lydia and Nico would show up. He suggests that Edgar should ask his sword since the star sapphire and the moonstone could communicate with one another even when separated. Coblynau tells Edgar that if he called the star sapphire by name, it should answer. Unfortunately, Edgar doesn't know the star sappire's name only what it's commonly called.

- Edgar and Raven explore the ship and find and rescue Paul. Apparently, he had stumbled upon the hold full of dynamite and been caught by Greg. Fortunately for Paul, Greg hadn't notified Ulysses about Paul and had tied him up in the secret hold instead. Greg reveals that the people on board the ship were to be sacrifices and that the dynamite was needed to blow up the bridge. Edgar realises that London Bridge must be protecting London not only from invasion but also from evil and that it was what was keeping the illness in East End from spreading to the rest of the city.

- Edgar decides to allow himself to be taken by Ulysses and go to the Prince. He orders Raven to follow but regardless what happens to Edgar, he's not to show himself until called.

- Lydia and Nico arrive in London with the silvery man but as they argue over entering the warded area, they are discovered by the nightmare. The man pushes Lydia into the hole pleading for her to find the human sacrifice's - the maiden's - bolt.

- Nico and Lydia realise that since a human sacrifice was used to protect London against evil, and the Prince was trying to destroy that protection, most likely the silvery man served the Blue Knight Earl. The human sacrifice that he'd mentioned was likely Gladys Ashenbert, and Lydia had likely been chosen because she was betrothed to the Blue Knight Earl. However, Nico's still not convinced Lydia should continue forward as the man might have intended to use her as a sacrifice in order to strengthen the protection on London.

- Edgar gets taken to what seemed to be an old mansion s couple hours from London by Ulysses. Trusting that Raven had managed to follow him to the mansion, Edgar tells Raven to lure Albert to where he's being held. From the conversation he and Raven had overheard on board the Ark, Edgar suspected Albert was the new successor for the Prince, but his personality hadn't been completely destroyed by the Prince yet. Albert enters the room where Edgar's being held and tries to kill Edgar, but Edgar overpowers him. It quickly becomes apparently that Albert is very unstable switching between his own personality and the Prince's. Edgar learns from Albert that preparations were currently underway for the ritual that would see the Prince's memories transferred to Albert. Edgar's surprised since he thought it was the Prince's soul that would be transferred, but he learns that it is the memories of the first Prince that are to be transferred and that's why destroying the previous body's personality and teaching it all the mannerisms and preferences of the first Prince was so essential. Albert tells Edgar that his real name is Nodier.

- Kelpie runs into Ermine in London. He realises that she's looking for information on Lydia's whereabouts while he's wanting to know why Lydia was taken. He also knows that while she was with Ulysses and the Prince's organisation, her actions were sometimes done with Edgar's or Raven's benefit in mind instead. Thinking that the faery that had taken Lydia to London wanted to use her as a new human sacrifice to strengthen the protection on London, Kelpie wants to enter the stronghold at London Bridge, but apparently only those who are part of the Blue Knight Earl's household can enter. Ermine then tells Kelpie that Edgar is at the Prince's hideout.

- Using the information he'd gained from Albert, Edgar goes to Ulysses' room and has him take him to where the flare fluorite is being kept. Since fluorite is fairly fragile and that stones with magical properties were likely to be even more rare, and given how the Prince had gone so far as to have the wyrm awakened in order to gain more fluorite, Edgar realises that most likely the flare fluorite at the Prince's hideaway was most likely the one stolen from Wolkeiv. Ulysses tells Edgar that even if he stole the fluorite, he would be unable to do anything with it. The stone's magic had already been triggered so it couldn't be destroyed, and anyone who touched it would be burned to death. However, Albert had told Edgar that if he were to touch the fluorite, it would respond to the Prince's blood in him and would send the Prince's memories into him.

- Edgar asks Ulysses if he used the same method to extend his own life, but Ulysses reminds Edgar that he has fey blood in him, so as long as he has a descendant, he can transfer his memories into it and take over the body without the flare fluorite. However the Blue Knight Earl's family had not only forbidden that magic, they had also made it such that magic ability wouldn't appear in a bastard line. And even if it did, they'd left a spell that would see to it that the ability disappeared by the time the person reached adulthood. Ulysses had almost ended up losing his own abilities as a result, but it was the Prince that had saved him from that. With the Prince's and the dark fey's powers, he was no longer bound by the spell on the Earl's household and was able to keep his abilities.

- As Ulysses reaches the final key that would unlock the fluorite, the Prince's guards enter the room. Apparently, the Prince had left orders that he was to be notified if anyone entered the room where the fluorite was kept. The guards shoot at Edgar but Ulysses tells them that Edgar doesn't have a firearm and that they should capture him instead. However, much to Edgar's surprise and confusion, the next instant a black horse attacks the guards.

- After escaping from the guards, Edgar learns from Kelpie that Lydia had been locked into London Bridge by an unknown faerie and that she was to be used as a human sacrifice. Edgar asks Kelpie if he can chase off the Unseelie faeries that have gathered around London Bridge, but Kelpie admits there are too many of them but there was probably a powerful faerie responsible for gathering them there. Raven suggests that the triple goddesses of war might be responsible as he'd seen carrion crows circling London Tower when they were on board the Ark. Edgar remembers Ulysses comment that the key to using dark magics was already in the flare fluorite as was the essence of the order to destroy London. Even if he destroyed the Prince and stole the fluorite, nothing would change. The only way to stop what was happening was for Albert to will the fey to stop after inheriting the Prince's memories. But if Albert were to take on those memories, no doubt he would become one with the Prince.

- Edgar tell Kelpie to go spy on the Prince; things were too quiet that it seemed like rather than looking for them, the Prince was about to start something. Since it's for Lydia's sake, Kelpie agrees, but he tells Edgar that as long as his spell on Lydia remains unbroken, she would not remember agreeing to marry Edgar. At Raven's comment of 'so, it was truth', Edgar realises that until that moment, Raven hadn't believed him when he'd said that Lydia had agreed to marry him.

- Paul runs into a strange girl trying to convince the doorman outside of Slade's high class men's only club Moonshine to let her in to see Slade. Thinking that the girl who spoke like a girl from the streets but who dressed like one of the upper class was one of Edgar's former lovers, he quickly escapes from her and flees inside the club. Inside, the members of the Scarlet Moon were trying to figure out how to deal with the Ark that was currently afloat on the Thames. Paul had spoken to the Detective that Edgar had bought out but apparently higher ups in the police force didn't want it to be investigated, so it was up to the Scarlet Moon to take care of the ship. A girl interrupts their meeting and Paul's shocked to see the girl who had been arguing with the doorman standing in the doorway. Apparently she'd punched the doorman knocking him out. She offers the men the use of her ship - a small Dutch frigate. Since it was retired from service, it didn't have any cannons. While Paul's not sure about accepting the girl's help, the rest of the Scarlet Moon are all for it and tell Paul that the Earl can take care of his women's issues himself.

- While waiting for Kelpie to return, Edgar tells Raven that he's to decide for himself what he will do in the upcoming battle. And while it wasn't an order, he wanted Raven to protect himself first and foremost. Raven protests since it was his job to see to Edgar's safety, but Edgar tells Raven that he might not keep his cool if anything ended up happening to Raven and that he suspected that what was most important in the upcoming battle was for Edgar to be strong and have no doubts in what he did.

- The Prince, Ulysses, Albert, and the rest of the Prince's organisation are gathered in the Grand Hall and watch as Ulysses unlocks the 22 locks on the room with the flare fluorite. Edgar jumps Ulysses when he exits with the glass case but is overpowered instead. The ceremonial unlocking of the case had been a trap set to capture Edgar and make him watch as the Prince is reborn. The Prince throws the flare fluorite on the floor before Albert and tells him to pick up the stone, but Edgar tells Nodier to stop otherwise he'll end up destroying himself. Nodier hesitates and two of the Prince's men start to drag him to the stone. Raven attacks the men holding Edgar prisoner and he immediately rushes over and pushing aside the men holding Nodier, Edgar grabs the flare fluorite. Like Albert, royal blood ran in Edgar's veins as well, so it should be possible for him to claim the intentions and powers hidden in the Prince's memories contained in the fluorite. With the ability to control the evil fey, he could stop their attack on London Bridge.

- The Prince admits that he should have had Edgar killed quickly after he'd betrayed him. He then tells Edgar that Edgar cannot kill him and he shoots himself in the head much to Edgar's shock. The members of the Prince's organisation kneel before Edgar and pledge their eternal allegiance to him. Edgar tells Ulysses to stop the Ark and fey in East End, but Ulysses says he cannot. The fey were acting according to their agreement with the Prince. No consideration had been given to the possibility of calling off the ship when the plans had been made, so there was no means of contacting the ship. Ulysses reveals that Lady Gladys was the one who had sacrificed herself at London Bridge in order to exile the Prince and his organisation. However, her servant was still alive and had sought another sacrifice to strengthen the protection. Lydia had been chosen because she was Edgar's fiancee and therefore considered a member of the Earl's household.

- Raven brings Edgar's sword to him at London Bridge. He'd left Nodier with Slade and the Scarlet Moon and tells Edgar that Lota had agreed to help the Scarlet Moon stop the Ark. He`d apparently met her at the residence and she'd apparently been trying to get Tompkins to get her a cannon. As a result, Tompkins had asked Raven to get Edgar's permission first. Edgar agrees to Lota's request and tells Raven to pass on his message to her: Whether it's a cannon or something else, I'd be happy to give you any chunk of iron you want. Ah, that's right. A steel ball suits you more than any gemstone.

- Kelpie suddenly appears and tells Edgar that while it seems that the evil fey had stopped, some of them had started trying to climb up the bridge. He then tells Edgar that the only person who can enter the ward are members of the Blue Knight Earl's household. However, before he takes Edgar to where he can enter the bridge, Kelpie wants to know what Edgar intends to do inside the bridge. When Edgar and the others had left the Prince's hideout, while Kelpie hadn't been able to enter the hall, he'd watched everything that had happened and had only told Edgar 'don't betray Lydia'. Edgar promises to protect Lydia. More than himself, London, or even Britain, he would protect Lydia.

- Lydia and Nico wander around lost inside London Bridge. While water had been rising when they first arrived, the water inside was now receding so Lydia decides to see if there are any passageways lower down. As she looks around, a hole appears in the rock wall. The Unseelie faeries are slowly chipping away at the bridge and it was only a matter of time before the protection on the bridge was overcome and the bridge destroyed. Lydia and Nico quickly move deeper into the bridgework as the passageway behind them collapses.

- Lydia and Nico try to flee from the water as it suddenly comes rushing back in. Edgar pulls the two to safety, but Lydia can't help wondering why he was there. While he says he came to get her out of there, she can't help wondering if he intended to sacrifice her like he'd tried when they first met. Lydia still can't remember about Edgar and he tells her that it's because there wasn't anything for her to remember - it had always been one-sided on his part and she had always refused him. Edgar unties the black strand around his wrist and ties it to Lydia and points her towards the exit. Lydia realises that instead of using her, if a human sacrifice is needed to protect the ward, Edgar intended to be the sacrifice. As she watches him head down the stairs, she feels something tug of her arm and realises that the black thread Edgar had tied to her arm was from Kelpie's mane. Lydia resists as Kelpie starts to pull her out of the ward and as she struggles to regain her memory, she realises something similar to what was happening had happened before. That Edgar had told her to go because it was dangerous. She was his only hope for the future, so regardless what happened, he didn't want to lose her. She had yelled something at that time - something very important.

- As Kelpie's spell on her starts to break, the hair from his mane comes loose from her arm. Nico jumps on the hair and yells at Lydia that she won't be able to get out if she let go. Kelpie's spell breaks as Lydia yells out, "............I'll do it! I will marry you, Edgar......!" and she jumps down the stairs towards Edgar. Startled, Edgar catches her in his arms. She wouldn't believe his lying words, but there was no lie in his embraces. At that moment, the moonstone ring begins to glow and flashes a bright milky white.

- Kelpie's annoyed to discover Nico's the only one attached to his main and that Lydia's not with him. Nico protests telling Kelpie that Lydia had been the one to let go and he hides behind Raven. Kelpie tells Raven to hand Nico over and that it's his fault that his beloved earl was also stuck inside. Nico begs Raven to protect him from Kelpie since they're friends. He then goes on to suggest that it's better for the earl that he not be inside with them since that meant that he and Lydia could be alone and make up. Kelpie demands if they're supposed to happily sacrifice themselves together, making Nico shrink even more. He tells Kelpie that they might not become sacrifices and that there might be another way to protect the bridge. Raven asks if that's true, and Nico admits he isn't sure. But Raven's referring to their being friends. Nico says yes, at which Raven faces Kelpie and asks him not to harm Nico. Angry, Kelpie turns his back on them. Since they can only watch how things end up, he decides to chase off some of the Unseelie fey. However before he can leave, they spot a signal from the Scarlet Moon: the Ark has been sighted near the Isle of Dogs.

- Realising Lydia has regained her memory, Edgar asks her if the person before her was the one she'd agreed to marry. Confused, Lydia asks Edgar if he'd had a change of heart and found someone he loved more. If so, it was bad timing on her part for remembering agreeing to marry him. Lydia reminds him that he'd promised not to lie to her anymore. Edgar tells her he loves her, and even if she came to hate him or resent him, his feelings for her wouldn't change. When Lydia asks him if something had happened, he tells her that he won't lie to her and asks for some time before he tells her.

- Realising they're somewhere different from where they'd been, they realise that the moonstone must've brought them there. They find themselves at the bottom of a cylindrical space with nothing else in it. However, as the moon shines down onto the floor, a figure appears. The figure is that of a young blond-haired woman wearing a blue dress and looked very much like the painting they'd seen before of Lady Gladys. Edgar touches her body and comments that the body's cold and hard like rock. When asked, Lydia tells Edgar that dead bodies don't remain in Faerie and that what they were seeing was more like a remnant of her magic. But when they try to search her for any sign of her bolt, they are completely unable to move her in the slightest, not even a hair. Lydia realises that what she'd thought was tiara on the lady was in fact the faery she'd encountered earlier. Edgar realises that it's the "Merrow's Star". Not the star sapphire, but the star that's supposed to be in the sapphire. While there was a cross-shaped star on the sapphire on Edgar's sword that was placed there when Edgar managed to claim the sword, originally, the star was supposed to be somewhere on the Blue Knight Earl's descendant and the merrow were to take that star and return it to the sapphire.

- Lydia wonders why the original Merrow's Star had sought Lydia's help rather than Edgar's. Since he was the wielder of the sword, it would seem like he should have gone to Edgar for help. Unless it wasn't the sword it needed. Moonlight lands on Lydia's ring reflecting onto Lady Glady's body and her body disappears. In her place is the faery Lydia had met earlier. He demands to know why the sword was being carried by someone who wasn't of the earl's bloodline; someone who also held the key to Ibrazel. Edgar tells the faery that the Earl's line had died out and that he was the new earl. However, the faery finds it difficult to believe that someone who carries the taint of such abominable blood could be the new earl and points a sword identical in every way to the Blue Knight Earl's sword at Edgar.

- Edgar blocks the faery's attack but loses his sword when he pushes him away. However, Edgar's sword hangs in mid-air and it's clear that the Merrow's star is controlling the sword. The sword attacks Edgar who dodges, but it grazes his shoulder drawing blood. Realising that Edgar's blood was the same as the one who'd formed a contract with the Unseelie Court, the Merrow's star determines to kill Edgar.

- Lydia panics as she realises the sword is too far away for Edgar to take up again, and there was no place for him to escape to. If she could find the maiden's bolt, she would be entitled - entitled to know everything and to command the Star. The moonstone ring flickers as though pleading with her. Remembering that her ring's name is "bow", she realises that the sword's "star" itself was the bolt and that he'd appeared before Lydia because he was the compliment to the ring. It was when they were together that the moon's bow and the star's arrow became a weapon. Lydia begs Arrow to stop and not to kill Edgar and jumps in to protect Edgar as Arrow strikes. Edgar yells at Lydia to stay back and catches her as she collapses in his arms.

- Lota and her crew fire on the Ark taking out its mast causing it to lose speed. She continues to target its sails but the ship continues forward despite the damage it sustains almost as though it were a ghost ship. She suspends the barrage on the ship and order her crew to match speed with the ship and to prepare to board it. Lota intended to destroy the Ark's mast and lower its anchor, but after boarding, she soon learns that no one is aboard the ship and that one of the lifeboats is missing. While she'd expected that the crew would abandon ship just before ramming the bridge, she didn't expect it to already be abandoned. Worse still, the ship had no anchor and the rudder was fixed in place. Lota and Paul are knocked to the ground as her ship is suddenly tossed about. Paul suggests that faeries might be responsible for the Ark's movement since he'd seen something in the river when they'd been tossed about.

- Edgar falls to his knees as he holds Lydia's unmoving body in his arms; she had taken Arrow's blow full on in the back. No longer having the will to fight, he faces Arrow stating that she'd worked hard for the Earl's household and there was no reason for this to have happened to her. Arrow asks if she'd worked for the earl's house or for Edgar's sake as they were potentially very different. Arrow didn't know which side she would end up taking, but either way, the sword had reached its own decision. Arrow tells Edgar that the sword had not harmed Lydia and Edgar realises that while the sword had cut through her dress and corset, there was no sign of any blood. Most likely she had fainted from being struck by such strong magic. While he was overjoyed to realise that he hadn't lost her, Edgar can't help wondering where he would end up taking her. And if she would stay with him if the faeries who are allies of the Earl's house ended up leaving.

- Arrow can only wonder about Edgar. He bears the sword and key of the earl's house, yet bears tainted blood. And the sword that should be unable to harm its wielder will draw his blood, yet that same magic protects his betrothed from harm. Whether it ends up for good or for evil, Arrow figures now was not the time to kill Edgar. Edgar tells Arrow that since the sword was his and Arrow was one with the sword, Arrow was his servant. However while that may be true, Arrow had no intention of accepting that and he would obey Edgar's betrothed. Since she had found the 'bolt' Arrow had to keep the promise he'd made her. He would help her and in doing so would do what the earl wished.

- Edgar asks Arrow if he can stop the masses of Unseelie faeries, but despite Bow's help, Arrow was still weak from having protected London for so long and from his battle with the nightmare, so he would need Edgar's help. Arrow tells Edgar to order the sword to help him. While Arrow and the sword should be one with one another, Arrow had been separated from the sword for a long time and a new star was now inside it. One with the same name and same abilities as himself. It was that star that had deflected the sword when Arrow had thrown it at Edgar so that he'd only be grazed by it. Edgar asks his Arrow to help his older brother protect London. At Edgar's request, his sword glows and the silvery faery grasps one of the rays. It was an 'arrow'.

- On board ship, Lota asks Paul to show him exactly where the dynamite was being store on board the Ark. Kelpie suddenly appears on deck and demands to know why the ship hasn't been stopped yet. Lota starts to push Kelpie aside telling him to stay out of the way when she remembers that his kind lived in the water and had powerful magic in or near water. Lota asks him if he can cause a large wave on her command. Kelpie protests until Lota tells him it's for Lydia's sake and he reluctantly agrees. Lota commands her crew to prepare to fire on the ark and blast a hole in the hull above the hold where the dynamite is being kept. Lota asks Kelpie to prepare to cause a wave but Kelpie tells her not to underestimate him and that he didn't need time to prepare to cause something like a wave.

- Lydia regains consciousness and finds herself being carried by Edgar at the top of London Bridge. He realises she's awake when she shivers at the sound of cannon fire. Edgar tells her that it was Lota fighting to bring the Ark to a halt. Lydia watches as Lota fires on the ship again only this time a large wave strikes the ship. Edgar realises that most likely the dynamite in the ship's hold had become soaked by the wave and was now useless.

- Arrow tells Edgar he would need to borrow his betrothed in order to stop the Unseelie Court faeries. She's the only one able to use the bow. Edgar protests, but Arrow tells him that Bow would help her do it. Lydia agrees. Since she's to become a member of the Earl's household, she wanted to fight together with him. Arrow lifts her ring to the moonlight drawing forth the ring's bow. Upon grasping the bow, Lydia feels her body become lighter and senses another power enter her - most likely Bow. Lydia watches as the arrow is shot into the night sky and suddenly flashes turning into a meteor shower. As the shower rains down on London, the dark shadow that hung over East End slowly fades away. The nightmare that had been lying on London Bridge too slowly fades under the light from the meteor shower and slowly disappears. Lydia watches as the presences in the gutters and on the rooftops are slowly purged and can't help wondering if they'd been chosen by the first Lord Blue Knight's star sapphire and his fey consort's moonstone. Edgar had had no ties to the earl's house and Lydia was no more than a fairy doctor from the countryside, yet he'd ended up gaining the noble sword. She couldn't help feeling that their fates had been decided from the time the ring had fallen into her possession. The first time Edgar had proposed and she accepted the moonstone ring, she'd only thought it had been done out of convenience for both their sakes. however, as a promise made in Faerie, it may be that it held special meaning in her relationship with Edgar. It was after that that Edgar no longer showed any restraint in his advances, and at the same time that Lydia had started to become conscious of him. Lydia watches as the Ark slowly comes to a halt after losing the ones who'd been propelling the ship. The golden bow disappears from her hand and her body suddenly feels very heavy and Lydia almost ends up falling from the parapet. She wonders what will happen to her. Love and marriage didn't seem real yet, but at the same she felt herself attracted to him, so she couldn't imagine herself being alone with the fey either.

- Kelpie avoids the meteor shower and swimming in the deep parts of the Thames, he finally surfaces upstream outside of London. He'd been watching from below the bridge when Lydia - or more precisely another presence borrowing Lydia's body - had drawn the bow. She was now the Blue Knight Earl's betrothed, and given how stubborn she was, most likely that wouldn't change. However, Kelpie couldn't help worrying about Edgar. He'd become the "Prince", so it was impossible to say that he wouldn't betray Lydia.

- Ermine appears telling Kelpie she'd thought he might've been wiped out with the nightmare. Kelpie wonders what Ermine was doing there, but she tells him it's just a coincidence. However, she'd thought that if Kelpie were to escape the arrow's holy light that had shone down on London, he would have gone upstream until he was outside of London. Kelpie asks Ermine if she knew that things would end this way. She'd been the one to steal the flare fluorite and hand it over to Ulysses and with it, the essence of the Prince alive could continue to exist. Therefore, it was possible for the earl to become the Prince. Kelpie asks her if she'd joined the with the Prince since that would be the only way for Edgar to be hers. That one day he would betray Lydia and become Ulysses' and the others' Prince, and she would be able to serve him once again. Ermine denies it saying that had she known this would be the outcome, she would never have stolen the fluorite. But if this was fate, then perhaps there was no other path. Kelpie can only wonder who had had Ermine to steal the flare fluorite. He asks her who she was serving. It wasn't the Prince, nor was it Ulysses. Someone had told her that joining the Prince's organisation would be for Edgar's and her brother's sakes. Ermine tells Kelpie that Edgar was her soul's only master. Ermine tells Kelpie that she had no regrets, but if possible, she hoped that nothing requiring her to help Edgar would end up happening. If anything happened to bring the two into contact again, it would be something involving the Prince's organisation.

- While the protection on London had been weakened, it was still more than enough to protect the city from any evil that happened to wander by. Arrow decides to stay with Lady Gladys until her strength fades away.

- Back at his residence, Edgar hands Raven his sword and starts to head out the door. Raven realises that Edgar still has the pistol in his jacket pocket and stops him pointing out that he no longer needs it. Edgar agrees, but doesn't hand him the gun and leaves. Wandering around the neighbourhood, he stops at the local church and sits down. Since morning mass was long since over, the church was empty. Looking at his hand, the burn-like mark from when he'd touched the flare had faded considerably and would most likely completely fade away. Since the previous night, Edgar had told himself numerous times that as long as he could remain conscious of being the Blue Knight Earl, the Prince's memories were nothing more than information. At the same time, the hand that had handled the flare fluorite touched the pistol in the inner pocket of his jacket and he couldn't help being aware the mouth of the gun was directly above his heart. If he died, he would be able to completely and utterly destroy the Prince. It would be so much easier than worrying over the future. But there was Lydia.

- Prof. Carlton comes upon Edgar at the church. Apparently he had business to take care of at London U that day, so he'd stopped by Edgar's residence. Edgar asks if the professor had managed to see Lydia, then apologises since he'd told him that Lydia was in Scotland the other day. Since then, various things had happened, and she'd ended up returning to London. And because of dealing with the fey, she'd ended up exhausting herself and was resting, but that she would be fine. Apparently he'd heard the same from Tompkins and Lydia had woken up as well, and was her usual self. However, he'd heard that Edgar had gone out for a walk, so he'd come looking for him in order to give him his reply.

- Edgar interrupts the professor and shows him the burn on his hand and tells him that he'd ended up coming into contact with the flare's magic. He tells the professor that the stone was used to transfer not a person's soul but their memories from one body to another. And the memories of a man who practised such black magic was now inside him. Edgar tells the Professor that he himself simply could not take back his proposal to Lydia. Not only did he love her, he couldn't break up with her, nor could he forget her. But if the professor refused his permission, most likely she wouldn't go against her father's wishes in order to stay with him. However, the professor can only wonder if that were true as he looks to the entrance to the church.

- Lydia's stalks towards Edgar and suddenly grabs hold of his jacket and before he knows it, she grabs the pistol in the inside pocket away from him. Lydia reminds him that he'd promised not to lie to her anymore. She'd believed him when he said he was serious when he proposed to her and asks him if he intended to break his promise. Edgar denies lying and tells her that the pistol was simply for his own protection. However, Lydia knows that he's lying since Raven had been worried since he hadn't left it behind. Tompkins too had seemed worried that he'd been acting strangely. Lydia tells him that while it seemed that Raven knew the reason for his behaviour, he wouldn't tell her anything.

- Lydia suddenly turns her back on Edgar and clings to her father as she tells him she'd been very worried about him. Her father tells her that she's embracing the wrong person, but Lydia tells him that she didn't want to hug Edgar right then. Even though she would marry him, she wouldn't hug him. The professor gently makes her let go of him, and hands her a handkerchief to wipe away her tears. He tells Edgar that while she's very stubborn he hoped he would take good care of his daughter.

- After her father leaves, Lydia sits down on the bench and warns Edgar to stay away. She'd heard that the Prince was dead, yet it was clear that Edgar wasn't overjoyed at that development. Lydia tells him that she wouldn't ask what had happened and would wait until he was ready to tell her. Instead she asks for one thing - that he not suddenly up and disappear without a word. Edgar promises that he'll remain by her side. Even if she wanted to escape from him, regardless of where she fled to, he would chase after her. Lydia warns him again to stay away from her since she's still angry with him, but Edgar tells her that they didn't need to embrace, and he gently kisses her. Lydia calls him a liar again, and Edgar asks if he'd lied about something else. They'd never done this sort of thing before, but when they'd met in Scotland while her memory was still locked away by Kelpie's magic, he'd kissed her and told her that they often did this sort of thing. He kisses her again and Lydia reminds him that they were in a church. But Edgar tells her that they'd gotten engaged, so no doubt God would give them His blessing, too.
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  • Little things

    As above. :P There's now less than 10 days until the start of NaNo! For those who are going for it this year, are you ready? Are you going to try…

  • DVD scans and a few others

    akinarei asked if I could do some high-res scans of the DVD covers for GH, so I ULed those (up to the first part of File 7) to my LJ…

  • Yay!

    Most of the important junk's been transferred over! Wai! ^^; There's still lots to be cleaned up (I transferred pretty much everything including all…