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(Not so) Quick Note

GH Vol 1 the rewrite arrived today! Yay! ^o^ Just started reading it (first few pages), and the first part (scene where Mai et al are in the classroom after school telling ghost stories) has definitely been expanded. Not sure if this will be the case throughout the book or if this was done because the first two parts were being published in Da Vinci magazine around the same time as the first vol's release. A couple things that immediately stick out: the writing style is much smoother / more normal than the original was, and there's more kanji. So far, it's not difficult to read, but it might be a bit difficult for people who aren't used to reading much kanji. (The original was definitely much easier on that front although oddly enough, not enough kanji can also be difficult to read sometimes. ^^; ) Shall see how the rest of the book goes. Looking forward to sitting down with it tonight.

Also in the arrivals (actually yesterday as the order got split), is the latest HakuYou. I'll post cover/img scans this weekend. Also looking forward to reading this one. :) Hopefully I'll be able to comment about the latest vol, but I suspect I'm going to have to cover territory from previous vols as well. The main feeling I got from my quick flip through was that things are finally seriously moving in the story again. Shall see how that goes. :)

In any case, if all goes well, it might be a bit of a posty weekend. :P
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