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Shadow [userpic]

Drive-by Post

July 29th, 2010 (10:53 pm)

current mood: sleepy

Quick note that the latest cover for HakuYou is out. Much prefer the art for this volume's cover compared to the last. ^o^


Posted by: LKK (lkk)
Posted at: July 30th, 2010 01:29 pm (UTC)

That *is* a pretty cover! Have you ever noticed that in HakuYou novel art, Edgar & Lydia are seldom looking at each other? Even in the few pictures where they are supposed to be looking at each other, the eye positionings are such that they aren't really looking at each other? (Bad drawing? By secret design?) It's something that's always bugged me about the novel art.

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: July 31st, 2010 01:04 am (UTC)

That's very true. They tend to be looking at 'something' a lot of the time. Not sure why it's that way, or if it's common for all light novels/Cobalt's novels. O_o Oh, and here's the uncluttered version of the cover illustration for the latest Cobalt magazine. This one too, is quite nice. ^o^

Posted by: LKK (lkk)
Posted at: July 31st, 2010 02:18 am (UTC)

Ohhhhhhhhh, I do like that picture!

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