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LIttle Bits and Pieces of Not Much

The latest HakuYou illust is now up in the Cobalt Salon newsletter. Art looks much better than the last cover illust, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the cover art when it's released. ^_^ Description for the book is also interesting:

Front page of newsletter
The newlyweds lives were loving and sweet but the savage nuckelavee starts going after Lydia. An ominous prophecy casts a shadow on the two and Edgar makes a certain decision, but...?

Back page of newsletter
An uncanny beast and an ominous prophecy gets Edgar to make a certain decision...

Otherwise, Cobalt is putting on a Summer Love 4 Fair and there's supposed to be a HakuYou SS (Raven's Diary), but... >.< From what I saw, the HakuYou novel to be purchased for this is the last main story (White Wings). I really don't need a second copy of it. Still waiting to see what other conditions (participating stores etc.) there are to trying to get hold of the thing. While I'm not keen on it, I might cave in and buy one of the other eligible titles if it means getting hold of the SS. That title's almost too intriguing... ~_~

And the next Migawari Hakushaku novel will be coming out Oct 1. Ack! I haven't even read the last one yet. (Forget about reading it, how about buying it first?! ^^; )
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