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Hakuouki Quick Q and Not Much

Wasn't Hakuouki supposed to be 12 eps? The trailer for ep 12 only said 'next ep' and not 'final ep' which would normally be used if the series was ending. It could just be a mistake, or maybe the way this studio does things, but... *confused* To be honest, I don't know what sort of story the anime wanted to portray, but things are certainly going full speed ahead to 'somewhere' (where? I have no idea) now. O_O; Historically, it looks like they have maybe one more year though. I guess I'll see where things go as they go. :/

Otherwise, was poking around bk1 and Amazon and noticed that HakuYou manga #4 is coming out July 23rd in Japan. There's no indication that it's the final volume, so it could be that the previous note about it being the last chapter actually meant last chapter for novel 2 and that the manga will in fact continue. (There was a bit of debate earlier along these lines on 2ch as well, and apparently, this was how things went with the story for novel 1.)
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