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Finally got around to ULing the images from the latest HakuYou, Migawari Hakushaku novel, and v2 of Migawari Hakushaku. Lots of imgs, no content. :P


Sunny Little Devil:

Miniature's Lover:

Until the Promised is Fulfilled:

Welcome Back - While the Flowers are Still Fragrant:

Beware the Cute Pet:

Lydia, Edgar, Nico, and the egg

The Thimble is the Oath of Purity:

Raven and Kelly

Twelfth Night Prayer for Someone Special:

Francis, Paul, and Edgar

Edgar and Lydia

Seiyaku Cover:

Fred and the Fifth Batallion

Richard and Count Walter

Richard and Mireille

Richard, Mireille, and Rodgeon

Richard vs Oswald

Mireille and Fred

Richard and Mireille

Manga v2 cover:

Manga v2 cover flaps

Manga book cover

Manga book cover back

Ura #4

Ura #5

Ura #6



Ura 7

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