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Ch 98 - Mundus additions and oops(?)

Well, a couple more things seems to have become clearer with Mundus's update now. (Sorry I think I mentioned it yesterday when I should have been saying Citrus Mix.) Mundus Talk has some interesting views on things as well and seems a bit clearer than Citrus Mix was, but I will say that most sites have been writing essays on this chapter; very loooong essays. >_<

Oh, and before going on to what Mundus Talk's site mentions (they include a number of quotes from the manga) I thought I'd flog a dead horse. :P I was thinking about updating the character info for Akito and take out any gender specific information on 'him' but... reading through the Character Book, Akito's clearly referred to as HE in there! >_<; I know that the character book is fairly old (came out during the one year break IIRC) but it throws a bit of a wrench in things. Afterall, everything in that entry is translated from the Chara Bk. Umm... shall have to think on this a bit. Anyhow, on to Mundus Talk's commentary and some interesting clarifications / quotes. ^_^

Anyhow, looks like we start with a shocked Tohru repeating "Akito's... a... girl..." and according to Kureno, Akito's mother decided that Akito was to be raised as a guy from the day she was born. The commentator (I don't remember their name...) goes on to speculate as to why her mother deided this since there are definite problems in trying to do this. Questions of whether it was her mother's whim, because "Kamisama" might seem to indicate male and not female, or even perhaps because of problems in who would succeed "God."

"That person is... a bit troubled... in mind and body, and spends most of their time in the far building but, they are also a major figure for Akito... Sohma Ren... Akito's real mother."
* oku no ma would literally translate as the far or inner room but given the Sohma mainhouse I get the feeling it's more of a separate building

"The only thing that is certain is... the two of them hate one another..."

"Hatori isn't miserable!! It has nothing to do with affection... We're connected through a "bond"! In a world that you can't reach!!"

"Are you still prattling on with that nonsense? Stupid child. How many times do I have to tell you? The love in that sort of bond isn't the real thing."

Akito wanting an unchanging world and his mother who outright denies it. Akito cannot handle people insulting the "bond" that she shares with the 12shi.

"Even parental love isn't perfect"

"What's real and what's a lie, no one can define that"

"The "bond" Akira and I share is the reall thing...!!
...Go ahead and kill me!!
You're not wanted!!"

And so that which Ren has said to Akito, so does she pass on to the 12shi.

S/he then goes on to speculate whether the previous God might've been Akira but that it's not clear and that perhaps Ren went a bit crazy when he died. That the day Akito became twisted = the day that Ren fell apart = the day Akira died but isn't sure. However, that from their point of view that Akito's unhappiness, comes from Akira not being as beloved by everyone as thought.

The adults should've realised that "Being loved" and "Being spoiled" are two different things.

"That day... the morning Ren became pregnant with Akito, I woke up crying...

In the dream, the as yet unseen God appeared and said"

"We'll meet in just a little while longer"

The four (mabutrio and Kureno) saw the same dream and went to visit Ren and the way they cried and said "We've been waiting" over and over had a bit of a religious feel.

No doubt Ren was very surprised.

"When the curse was released, if you think about it... looking back, I think the "bond" was in a way unnatural. As Ren... says. But, there's one other thing that I saw. A crying girl..."

When the curse was released, and a whole new world was opened to Kureno, what he saw wasn't "God", but "a normal girl who was crying (bawling)." And not only Kureno, but Hatori too, has continued all this time calming Akito down.

"You being like that, I wonder if you can win... (laughs)"

"Why does that person... always say... such mean, mean things..."

Akito knows that what her mother says is mean and hurtful, yet doesn't realise that what she says to others is the same.

"I can't just abandon a crying girl..."

"...But, while Akito hurts others so easily... I wanted you to understand that Akito herself too has been so very badly hurt as well. I wanted you to understand a little why... I can't just leave Akito."

"Even so, this is the path that I've chosen. This is the path... that I myself have chosen."


And, while I'd thought about translating some of the scanned pages that have been made available already on the 'net... I think I'll wait until the full chapter is released now. ^_^ It certainly does sound like an interesting chapter all round, and the way Akito's been spoiled by the 12shi while being hurt so badly by her mother... It certainly does beg the question of Akito not understanding and growing up to realise what she's doing is equally wrong in a sense. And yet, at the same time, perhaps a touch of her actions are understandable in that sense? I'm not sure. (I wouldn't say it should ever be done or anything, just comprehensible in a sense as a child who's never grown up or refuses to grow up.) She understands to a degree and yet still does certain things. And the way she clings to the bond she shares with the 12shi... no doubt that's a result of having been essentially abandoned by her mother who cares more for her deceased, beloved Akira.

The differing views between Ren and Akito about what constitutes a bond is interesting. Different types of bonds and love, and what keeps people together. Certainly the type of love that Kyoko and Katsuya shared, most people would consider a true bond. The bond that the 12shi share with God... perhaps it's more like a bond of duty and family. It doesn't make it any less a bond or less important, but is a different type of bond. But I think the real interesting part will be Hana-chan. What's she doing and what does she sense? And how large a role will she play in what's to come next? And we have a month to wait before finding out. >_<

Oh, and last but not least, most likely the next update will be Ghost Hunt 2-3's translation. I've finally gotten off my butt and finished the scans for that chapter so next will be to actually finish writing the translation. This one just doesn't want to come together and there's so much other stuff hanging in the wings. A shame I've been lazy the past while too. :P Oh well. Back into the grind. Not to mention I've got to write the next chapter to that fic I'm writing. Amongst other things... :P

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