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Irony of ironies

So, male parental returned today from a short trip to Japan. I'd thought to have him pick up the latest HakuYou book for me while he was there, but decided to order it direct instead. (FSU and he both wanted a couple of books, and it would only be extra luggage for him to carry back.) As it is, the books arrived... today. Shortly after we got back from the airport. *laughs*

So far, I have no scans to share. I'll try to get those done in the next day or two. >.<;; Otherwise, I've flipped through and read the short stories that had been published in Cobalt. There was only one that I hadn't read before That Day Long Ago at Sylvanford: Sunny Little Devil. A story about Edgar when he was still a child. ^o^ I'll write more about that in the days to come as well. :P As I was flipping through the stories though, I noticed that there have been some changes. I`ll have to double check, but I`m pretty sure the story about the thimble did *not* have Edgar and Lydia having a private dinner together at the end.

I`ve only read bits of the new story in the book, but it looks like we`re going to get the story of when Edgar`s family is killed and he`s taken away by the Prince`s organisation. O_O The story seems to be in flashback as the characters (Edgar, Lydia, Raven, Francis, Kelly, Tompkins, Prof. Carlton, Lota, Grand Duke of Cremona, Paul, Nico, and Kelpie) spend the end of Christmas season together on Manaan Island. I remember a number of comments on 2ch earlier in the year hoping for a Xmas story to contrast Edgar's lonely Xmas the previous year when Lydia had returned to Scotland after everything that happened in book 6. And it looks like this is pretty much that sort of story along with what was probably the last truly happy Xmas Edgar had had as well. At least that's the impression I got from a quick flip through. (I haven't read the full thing yet, so we'll see how much of that first impression holds true as I read it. :P )

And I've been spending time again with HakuYou game. >.<; This really is a game about bad endings! Someone on 2ch said that and I totally agree with that sentiment! It's just *so* much fun to find all the 'bad' endings including having Lydia end up being seduced by Edgar, Lydia getting married to Edgar, stalker!Edgar, Lydia going away to Faerie with Kelpie, and various break-up with Edgar endings. ^^; Actually some of the bad endings really are more interesting that the good ones. *laughs* I finally managed to get all the stills for the game and am working on getting the heard dialogue on the various stories to 100%. >.<;; This is *so* hard! Some of those stories had just under 30 branches, so finding all the differences is *really* tough. Oh well. I'll keep at it slowly. :P

Anyhow, more stuff once I actually finish reading the story and do some scans. :P
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