Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Read Ch 81

Woohoo! Ch 81's scans have been posted so I get to read what the chapter's about. I should be able to finish it off sometime Saturday hopefully (unless we're out at the craft show.) My head's not wrapping around a number of words at the moment for translating though, so hopefully things'll go more smoothly in the morning.

Ahaha a few things caught my attention flipping through the chapter though. Rin's reception of Haru when he came to visit her, Kimi's school-wide announcement when looking for Yuki, Manabe's comments to Haru about Yuki... Ahahahah, but Rin's scene was probably best. But I do agree with Haru, the IV is by far much better than the alternative... ^_^;;

Haru's character is something that I've always liked although he's much "quieter" than a number of other characters. Very steady and yet with a strong subtle humour. It reminds me of the seaside story when Yuki laughed saying "I can't tell if you entirely realise just what you're saying." His little digs about things like suggesting he call Shigure "Honey" if he'd tell why Rin was visiting; a reference back to his calling Shigure sensei all the time. Small digs of humour but, at the same time, it's done in such a gentle way too.

While there's a lot of Yuki / Manabe in this chapter, the bits on Haru and Rin are also very sweet. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of Tohru, Kyo and the others come next chapter. Manabe's family situation... it makes all too much sense in some ways I think. I can understand how you have so many family ties and the old way of thinking, and yet that desire to be yourself, break free and live your own life. Sometimes I wonder just how bad it really gets, but... we'll not go there.

In any case, it's late so I think I'll pick things up come morning and see how things go then. The brain's just not a functioning today...


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