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Cover Shot and (Not Much) Stuffs has the image up for the latest HakuYou SS compilation. Enjoy! Hope bk1 and the postal system get it out to me soon. :P

Otherwise, the next Migawari Hakushaku novel is slated for June 1 release. Can't wait to see how the insanity will continue for that series. It really did feel like the last book was meant to be the final one for the series since so much was essentially wrapped up. There were some things that were brought up later that can be developed, but... Shall see how things go. ^^;

And lastly, Hakuouki's about the only title I'm watching this season, but so far, I'm enjoying it. I recognised the name from some GH fansites that also wrote Hakuouki fics which is why I checked it out. Not sure where things're going with it yet, but so far so good. I'll have to check out the official website for it...
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