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I Gave In

I admit it. I silly. :P I gave in and pre-ordered the latest HakuYou novel. As to *when* it'll arrive is anyone's guess, but hopefully not too long after the release date. At least I can hope so. I've been re-reading the series (skipping around quite a bit while doing so) and really enjoying the earlier novels especially. The writing style really is a bit choppy, but given the rapid release schedule, I guess that's not too surprising either. ^^; Definitely looking forward to the next novel and seeing where things go. Unfortunately, still no blurb about the novel and what it's about. Price-wise, it's 'average' but that's still higher than the SS compilations usually are, so I'm optimistic that it really is a main story novel and not an SS compilation. Still, hopefully we'll see one of those soon, too. It's been quite some time since the last one. :P

Otherwise, I've been working (very slowly) through the HakuYou game trying to *finish* some of these scenarios to 100%. This is actually quite difficult since I need to try out the same choices after getting to different relationship levels with Edgar. As it is, I'm still missing 5 images and am not sure where or how to find them. LOL! This could take me quite a bit longer to get through... ^^;
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