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More on Chapter 98

Hmm... and two more commentary sites have now updated for the latest chapter and there are some little tidbits that are clarified with that. I really want to see the chapter though, it sounds like much of Akito's personality becomes a bit clearer as to how they became the way they are... Anyhow, SPOILERS are below so anyone not wanting to read a bunch of summation and theorizing from Japanese sites should turn back now. ^_^


- The scene with Hatori:
It seems that at the mainhouse, when Hatori tries talking to a certain someone (Ren), Akito comes and tries very hard to separate the two of them. It seems that according to Akito, whenever Ren sees one of the male 12shi, she make eyes at them.

- Ren it seems(?) is troubled in mind and body

- Bonds...
It seems that Ren and Akito are at odds about bonds. Akito considers the bond she has with the 12shi as very strong but Ren doesn't. Mundus Talk's site talks about how Ren's relationship with Akira was likely much like Kyoko and Katsuya's, and how when she lost Akira, she may have, like Kyoko, lost sight of her daughter (Akito). Ren having experienced a bond that is so utterly consuming doesn't see the bond Akito shares with the 12shi as being so all encompassing therefore.

Akito was unloved by her mother and so, despite not having the same problems as the (male) 12shi with their mothers, is in a similar position. Thus seeing the 12shi moving towards Tohru (mother figure & bond) is something that she too envies greatly. And here, Mundus' site goes on to talk about how while Kyo thinks that he'd never been truly loved by his mother, perhaps Akito is so hard on him because she feels that it was truly there but Kyo didn't happen to see it.

- The dream that day:
The dream that the mabudachi trio and Kureno saw was the day that Akito was conceived and so they waited for Akito. And according to Kureno, along with the bond, they also saw something; a girl who was crying. Akito was always crying, since before being born, she's always been crying and because of that image, Kureno and Hatori can't just abandon Akito. And that's why Kureno says he can't see Uo-chan.

Tohru, now understanding how alone Akito is, becomes lost and doesn't know what to do. But, if Tohru doesn't do anything, then Kyo being locked up will be inevitable, and Tohru doesn't want to accept that either. Apparently the look on Tohru's face when she realises this is quite something and makes it clear just how important Kyo is to Tohru. ^_^

Hmm... and it seems I went point form. Oh well. Anyhow, if all this and more is included in this chapter, that's a lot of stuff for one chapter! Yikes! >_

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