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The Snail Finally Made It!

I was starting to get a bit concerned since airmail doesn't normally take this long from Japan, but... I've never had things sent as 'printed material' before, and we're heading into Xmas season, so I wasn't quite sure how long things should take. As it is, I'm not finding a customs slip for this package...?? I'm not quite sure what to make of that. (Quite frankly, I'm just glad it finally made it safely. ^^; )

I read through the After Word for HakuYou's latest novel and basically all it's saying is that it'll be a bit until the next novel comes out but that the author will be maintaining the original agreed on pace.  I think I've been seriously spoiled by the frequency volumes for this and Migawari have been coming out, so this slowdown might hurt a touch. ^^; (I really do need to find myself some English books to read...) Oh, and FWIW, Migawari wasn't on the list of titles to be released in Jan. orz Hopefully, there'll be something in Feb. And while I'm making wishes, hopefully, there'll also be a SS in the next vol of The Beans. :P

Otherwise, I'm not sure if I'll read HakuYou now or if I should hold off until Tues. I need to sit around and wait for male parental for an unknown length of time that day (possibly several hours), so I'm debating leaving it for then. (It's either that or I take some unread GH doujinshi with me. :P )
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