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Don't *do* that...

I noticed that Haku's been acting a bit weird for the past week or so and thought that he was being so flaky because he's got such wimpy memory, but... ^^;; The good thing is that he's fine. The not so bad and actually pretty good thing is that, after being restored back to factory default, the font I'm now using for Japanese input is much nicer. A bit win-win except for losing some bookmarks. ^^;; (Nothing's stored on Haku except bookmarks in my browser. Everything else is on USB keys.)

This is the third time I've had to restore Haku to factory default settings, and I suspect the reason I've had to do so at all over the past couple of years is because he has so little storage space (4GB). At first I thought I got hit by a virus after my browser suddenly shut down and I was unable to start the virus scanner or use Task Manager, but I'd also replaced the 512MB DIMM with Mokkun's 2GB to try that out (that day!), so I wasn't 100% sure. (Haku has a 1GB memory max coded into the Linux version.) As it is, I switched him back, but the flakiness apparently reached critical mass and he was being very inconsistent (even managing to turn on Task Manager once) during which time I happened to turn on the Disk Utility and see 'free space - 1%'. 1% would be oh... 37MB. O_O;;

Getting the IME back has been a pain and a half taking a few tries and a second factory reset as I realised how much space certain apps (Open Office and Adobe...) were taking. I'll have to keep a closer eye on how much space things are using and consider how feasible adding more space would be compared to getting a new netbook. >.<;; Right now, I'm hoping to wait another... yearish on that end and see how the 11-12" systems are. At least they have regular screen resolutions (albeit 16:9) which is better than the current 10" screen resolution. (Not to mention that the new netbook platforms are looking nifty. I keep eyeballing whitebooks and debating the possibility of installing Linux or even MacOS. Installing MacOS would be a great way to get me more accustomed to it and off of Windows without Mac pricing. :P Mind you, considering the price of netbooks, whitebook netbooks are probably more for tinkering hobbyists and aren't likely to save anyone any money.)

Otherwise, my last book order still hasn't arrived. (It's been 2.5 weeks.) >.<;; I'm trying to be patient, but I do want to see how things went in the latest HakuYou. Comments on 2ch lately WRT HakuYou in general has been a bit more negative as people express their frustration over the lack of overall plot movement in the series. However, there's some speculation that it's to slowly (like frozen molasses...) progress towards the changes that will happen next presumably with the prince. Shall see if that's the case. Still, HakuYou negative is nothing compared to the Saiun anti thread. That thread went off the deep end weird last time I popped in there, and folks seem to be getting tired of the troll. I'll have to see how things go in the regular thread once the new Saiun novel is released.

And I finally got to read the last chapter of Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken manga in Beans Ace a while back. ^^;; I seriously have to sit down with it and read it again. :P

And something mentioned on 2ch that I was wondering about in Migawari Hakushaku no Kekkon CD Drama. (Not sure if this is entirely accurate though.)



I have to admit, I loved that scene. ^o^
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