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2ch comments about HakuYou White Wings

Comments are finally coming out for HakuYou's latest novel. It seems most people were waiting for the no-spoiler period to end before saying anything. ^^;

Not a heck of a lot's been said to date, but here's the list of the various comments:

- possibly similar in feel to Matou [Honeymoon]? It was quite interesting. I was happy that the story about Lydia's first love [SS in book 8] came out. If the actual person were to have appeared, no doubt Edgar would have killed him.

But for there to be an issue even before pregnancy...

- For the 'let's hurry and have kids' to be an act.

Does this mean that it's definite the prophet is Danell?
I wonder how Patrick managed to find Danell.

- This book was so interesting there's no comparing it with the previous book.
I was thinking that the second generation would be making an appearance around the next book, so this was beyond unexpected.
Kelly's comment 'Fast...' was too perfect, I laughed.

- Nico and Raven are a good combo as always.
I'm glad to see Raven becoming more and more like a person.

In general, the story development is the same as always, but the plot progressed more than I expected.
I didn't think much of the last one, but this time the story was really good.

- As always, Patrick's conviction that he's right is annoying

I didn't find things too off with the illustrations. Back in the early part of the story, there were occasional shoujo manga-like illustrations like there are this time.

But not being able to have kids would be too sad, so please do something about that......

- This time was really interesting!
So much so that I couldn't help wondering what was with 'mirror'
This balance really is good, isn't it?
This feeling is the best

- on pg 274, the 'way to remember' [? hard to say for sure how this is to be translated; no context and only a partial phrase], is that grammatically correct? Or is it a typo?

- I haven't managed to get the book yet, but why can't she get pregnant?
I can't help wondering about it, so please tell me.

- It's been a while since the story set my heart racing. Edgar returned briefly to his previous annoying self.

But the new charas - the three sisters and Danell - are good.

- [re typos]
There were others
The prophet/seer (one who makes predictions) became the prophet/oracle (one who gets messages from God)

[re preg]
If you want to know, I'll tell you.

According to the self-proclaimed prophet, apparently, the prophet's betrothed cannot bear another man's children.

Combined with the previous comments, we have... very little about the actual story. ^^; Lots of questions are brought up by what's mentioned, some of which might be clarified in previous vols. Likewise, some of this will depend on intended meaning of what's said. Not sure if I'll try checking out blog posts next or not. Might be worth waiting for my copy to eventually get here instead. ^^;
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