Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Saiun latest novel info

*laughs* Apparently, I should actually *read* some of what I'm looking at sometimes rather than only checking out whatever info I'm looking for. ^^; This info's from 7&Y's site. Oddly enough, they're listing Nov 28 as the release date rather than the official Dec 1.

彩雲国物語 暗き黄昏の宮

The eagerly awaited main story novel of this popular series!! At last, the story enters the final arc!! Shuurei disappears while carrying out her duties!! The Emperor Ryuuki is shaken by that news. Suou, who'd been travelling with Shuurei returns. And he then starts to tell of the surprising things that happened to Shuurei...?!
Tags: not much, saiunkoku

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