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Ch 98 Summary - Amayadori site

Well, it looks like info about the latest chapter is coming out bit by bit. Mona sent a link to one commentary site out there that I translated (shouldn't I be working on other things right now!?!) and so I figured I'd post it in here. I didn't see anything on the site against translating their commentary and considering how confused it is... >_< The sites I normally visit for commentaries haven't updated yet so I don't know how accurate the account is. Anyhow, an interesting(?) read.


Whoa! A miracle has occurred! This could be bad! It could even be that (he's) in here even more than Tohru...! Well, maybe not. If Vol 17 also included the New Year's banquet story it'd be filled with Hatori! No fair! But I also want him to show up a bit in each volume, maybe Vol 16's record is alright...

It seems that it's become customary to start with talk about Hatori (laughs) The main story, Akito's a girl! Such a surprise!'s continuation.

Akito on the title page is incredibly beautiful...!!

B...but that thought of her being male still remains and so I can't help but see it as dressing as a female...!!

But the caption on the title page "His woman (person) is the lonely goddess" is... Something about that's really nice! The word "goddess" is rather catchy (laughs). The sound of it's great.

Tohru's very surprised to find out that Akito's female but, it's only natural to be surprised though. If you found out someone you knew and thought was a guy happened to be a girl, you'd be surprised too. But if it was something that actually wasn't hidden at all and you happened to not see her that way, that's really harsh too. (laugh) Being raised male right after being born¡­ For what reason... And just when you thought who is that person! It's Ren afterall. But right from when (she) was born... eh? And at this point even dense me didn't understand well and was fixated by the next page! (laughs) I didn't think she'd show up in the least. Then again, I didn't think anyone other than Tohru, Kureno and Akito would show up either. Ren came to say hello to Hatori but, *if you've come to say hello, there's no need to reach your hand to his face*. This is a bit... on Akito's side perhaps. Don't make doe eyes at him hey! (laughs) Even though you're not Akito, I can't see that as just being a greeting! Finally it's Ren's debut! or rather that she appears this time... and just after going through a myriad of thoughts, the greater shock on the next page! This! Next time's "The shocking truth that Kureno reveals!" That Ren-san's Akito's mother...! I hadn't thought about that whatsoever...! True it might be that being related means that your voice will be similar. But that it'd be exactly the same? But you can't help feel that the daughter turned out this way given this mother~ Hanging all over guys like that! (laughs)

Ren-san, as imagined has very long hair. That line said to Rin about "black and slithering long hair" was in reference to Ren afterall. Something that I'd predicted long ago was right afterall! Not that it was so great as being a prediction.

And this person is stretching a hand towards Hatori! Akito and Ren compete over Hatori! (laughs) The argument moves towards attempted murder but, Akira-san... perhaps this is Akito's father. Just when I thought one mystery was solved with Ren-san's identity when another mystery has come up. I don't know if I should be happy or sad.

While the mystery of Akira has come up, but one other. A lo~ng time ago, when Shigure talked about the morning that they'd cried. That came out. Whoa-... before, Yuki talked about the instant he'd met Akito how he'd cried but, the possessed would feel that their God was about to appear. The dream; it was that God appeared... Ritsu was too young and didn't remember means that Akito's about the same as Kagura then, agewise. The image of Kureno when he and the mabudachi trio went to visit Ren is *so_cute*!! Seeing this, you can't help but feel how deep the bond is between God and the possessed, but I could only see how cute Kureno was...! He really has that little gentleman feel. This... is Shigure perhaps. The image of him hanging on is so cute!! It would've been nice if they showed the faces of the mabudachi trio...! Could it be that they'll show the mabudachi trio's (or rather Shigure's perhaps) childhood era... but that's kept in reserve...! (It's rather questionable whether they'll actually show it but)

The scene on the next page of Hatori hugging Akito, looking at this it looks like an older brother gently holding a younger sister and I couldn't help feel a bit envious. (laughs) And after this Ren-san's parting comment "I wonder if you can win, being like that" and stressing the being able to win part, could this be yet another new mystery? Just when I thought that two mysteries had been solved but two more are introduced...!?

Hatori, seeing Akito crying remembers when Akito was a child but, Akito really is cute! But even more than that, I couldn't help thinking, Hatori when he had a bit younger an air, will you be my friend...! (laughs) I haven't even seen his face! Even so I
really like him. His clothes too are more like Shigure and have a rougher image; something we'll almost never be able to see! Even presenting us with a "princess carry", such great (fan)service Takaya-sensei! The image (from behind) of Akito crying is great...!! In other words, this entire page was absolutely great.

Talking about so much and causing much confusion... Kureno's statement perhaps was to the readers also perhaps. Chapter 96, 97 and 98's density level is too high...

And Rin appears here! I thought Uo-chan would come but it's Rin! Wh-what to think... I wonder if she'd heard the conversation they'd been having. And just when (she?) can't move, Kyo...! And so, Tohru's heart starts to crumble... perhaps... And so I'm worried about Tohru...!

And so there were a number of things that I was surprised at this time but, I was also surprised at Hana-chan's appearance at the end! More than Hatori and even more than Ren, I didn't expect Hana-chan to appear. While I can't tell very well where Hana-chan is but, it'd be spooky if she can sense Tohru's denpa as she's crying from far away...! Although it's not impossible that it wasn't received all that strongly either. And the final part for this chapter "Tohru who can no longer move after Kureno's talk! And to those tears, Isuzu... and then Hana-chan also starts to move...!!" While I can understand Rin but Hana-chan too...! Wh-what's she going to do...!!! I really want to know but...! One month later... Not to mention being in the middle of practicum means it'll take longer to be able to see it...!! I don't think I can handle it...!

While I think that maybe my sketch should've been of Ren from the chapter but I went with Hatori and Akito. It's the eye-catcher this time round; that! (laughs) I wanted to draw Hatori as younger and cuter...! It would be nice if he had a younger image than childhood Shigure and Ayame... The images (hallucinations)
won't stop-.

The furoku this time was a Fruba cellphone seal. I thought there'd only be a bit but there were quite a number of them! There was no seal with Hatori on it...

Which reminds me, in the middle of the chapter, there's a picture of Vol 15! Although it's not in colour yet. Akito, I was really wondering what sort of picture it'd be but, it's a very Akito pose. There's no way to tell that Akito's a girl from the image. A bit of a shame. (laughs)

One more thing. I voted in the Chara-con! The deadline was Sept 4 so I was really cutting it close. First was Hatori, second - Shigure, and third - Kureno. [How she voted.] I'm really looking forward to Chapter 100!


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