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Boy, am I weak

*sigh* I see that battle lasted oh, so long. >.> Spoilers are barely coming out, and yet I've already given in and ordered the latest HakuYou novel. >.<;; I don't know how far down the shipping list I'll eventually work myself on bk1, but I'm using regular airmail this time instead of EMS. The other two options unused (other than OCS) are seamail and SAL. I've shipped from Japan using seamail many times (typically takes 1 month), but I've never used SAL before. Does anyone know how long that normally takes from there to Canada? (sekitx2, you use SAL regularly, right?)

In any case, hopefully it won't take too long for my books to get here. >.> I can just see me going through this again come Jan/Feb assuming the next Migawari and HakuYou vols continue at their current pace. I'm wondering if HakuYou might not take a brief break/side trip and put out a SS compilation instead soon. There's probably almost enough material now. Migawari... I just want to know where the story goes given the major cliff-hanger it ended on. >.<;;

There's only been a couple of comments out there for the book. One non-spoilery comment: there's 'a bombshell at the end'. And one spoilery: 'the prophet appears and Edgar's relative appears... it seems like the story's progressed quite a bit, but it feels like Lydia's too thin. Also... heirs... what's going to happen with them?'

And the title for the next Saiun novel is out, and it's *not* what was listed on Kadokawa's Fall newsletter. The new novel will be 暗き黄昏の宮. ...Hmm... 'Dark Twilight at the Palace'. (I wonder what happened with the previous title? *confused*)

Oh well, tonight's reading will probably be the continuation of Shitsuren Ryuu to Keiyaku no Hana Yome (The Heart-broken Dragon and the Contract Bride). Either that or I'll try out Picte Schenke no Fushigi na mori (sp? The Mysterious Forest of Picte Schenke). I think the art in the second title is supposed to be done by the same person who did the illustrations for Vampire Butler. :P FWIW, both of these are romance series. ^^;

[ETA: Cobalt's website has been updated and there's a new wallpaper for HakuYou (cover illust for the latest novel). If you go direct to the site, click on the last link on the left menu that has 'new' listed by it. Otherwise, try here.]
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