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Cover img is out on Amazon for the latest HakuYou novel. ...Uh oh......? It doesn't look like one, but I'm wondering if the story went the way all the predictions have been going...? Argh! My book coupon's stuck on my old HD! >.<;; A quick check on 2ch tells me that at least one person has received their copy, so hopefully spoilers will start coming out in the next day or two. (Will keep an eye on the spoiler thread since spoilers won't be allowed in the HakuYou thread until after the 31st.

Can't wait to find out where the story goes. ^o^

[ETA comment on 2ch: 'If you were surprised by the cover, you'll be floored by the illustrations.']

[ETA2: Migawari Hakushaku Manga Vol 2 is set to be released Dec. 26th ISBN: 978-4-04-854410-8-C0979 ]
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