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A new Saiun novel is set to be released Dec. 1. Oddly enough, no title was listed, just that it's the 19th book. But if you go by Kadokawa's Fall Newsletter, supposedly it will be: 紫龍は雲に隠される (Clouds Hide the Purple Dragon). Will have to wait for it to show up on other lists to be sure of the title. *confused* Now to wait a month to see if the next vol of Migawari will be released as per its current breakneck speed. ^^;

Otherwise, there's still no img for the upcoming HakuYou novel. It wasn't revealed in Cobalt's latest newsletter, so we'll have to wait until closer to the actual release date. ^^; FWIW, the little blurb for it in the newsletter goes something like "The woman Lydia and the others met at the country house is...?!"

Shall try to keep my eyes open for spoilers on 2ch later next week closer to when the book is to be released. ^_^
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