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Bits of Not Much

Literally, not a heck of a lot. Just long. :P

So, it hit me the other day that I need to hunt down the driver and program disks for my peripherals in order to set up my eventual future laptop. No problems, right? Umm... O_O;; It took an hour or more of hunting to find everything, and during that time, not only did I find the disks I need, but I also found the recovery disks for my three laptops before Mokkun (Compaq (Win... 95?), Toshiba (XP), and Acer (XP Pro)), three sets of disks for various Wacom tablets (only one set being the one I was looking for), MS Office *XP* Pro, and 3(? more?) copies of different years of Norton's antivirus. Oh, I also found all the project disks for Saiun, Shounen Onmyouji, and GH. ^^;; Something tells me I really need to get rid of some of these things. *laughs*

Otherwise, I tried out male parental's laptop the other night to see if I might eventually be able to work with a bilingual keyboard. >.> It's such an annoying keyboard and I have a tendency to type '\/1' instead of '?!'. *sigh* As it is, I'm hoping to get a system with a monolingual keyboard. This time will hopefully be okay, but I get the feeling that, unless I start buying and importing from the US, I'll have to switch over eventually. >.> The only company that I've seen that still has monolingual English keyboards is Dell. Everyone else seems to have gone bilingual. There are advantages I suppose to the bilingual keyboard. If I ever get the itch to work on my French again, it would make things much easier in terms of typing. But the reduced size of the Enter and the left shift keys were proving rather difficult to adjust to.

And the one thing that's been bouncing around the back of the mind with no answer in sight yet is what to name my eventual new system. >.> So far, my systems have been named Neya (Toshiba, name from Ryvius), Yggdrasil (Acer, name inspired from AMG / Norse mythology), Mokkun (Asus W7S, Shounen Onmyouji), and Haku (Asus Eee, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi a.k.a. Spirited Away). Haku and Mokkun were also chosen because the systems are/were both white. Hopefully I'll be able to think of something, but... *sigh* Suzaku, Dionysus, and Eos are the names I've come up with so far, but none of them really grab me. Benzaiten is another possibility, but... >.> I really don't want to end up naming it 'Nanashi'. ^^;

And working on FSU's laptop is actually kind of nice. (Not to mention it's matte, so it's easier on the eyes.) I used it a fair bit back before getting Mokkun for surfing and stuff. It has passive cooling so it's not meant for any serious applications, but she keeps a lot of music on her computer. I'll have to remember to steal some of her files later. :P

Ah! Which reminds me. Laptops these days are mostly 16:9 aspect ratio aren't they? That means the screen size is slightly different. 1366x728?? ......I think I'm going to need a new wallpaper. *sigh* It's funny how there are so many little things that you need to work out in order to make things "yours". ^^;
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