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Ch 97 up

...anything else to be said about this one...? Hmm... Well, for those who haven't read or haven't been spoiled yet about this chapter probably shouldn't read any further...


You've been warned! ^_~

Anyhow, a number of people are probably reeling in shock over Akito's he -> she shocker. I wish I were following more of the J message boards on this one since the reaction there should be equally interesting as among the English group. ^_^;;

However, clear indications suggestion Akito was "male" would be especially his.... ummm rather *her* manner of speech. Specifically in refering to self. Akito uses "boku" which is used by boys. For example in Ghost Hunt, both Yasuhara and Naru refer to themselves as boku. Okay granted Takigawa (Bo-san) refers to himself as "ore" which is especially common in manga/anime but boku is the norm. Just about every J guy I know (high school aged and younger) used boku. In manga/anime, there are some examples where girls have used it specifically Utena and I *think* maybe Madoka in KOR?? Not sure about the latter. A "tomboy" thing to do; ie something that's sometimes (rarely) said when trying to act tough.

The other thing that I'll have to look through is Akito's manner of sitting / posture. That will also give some indication but I'm not sure about this one. Namewise, Akito's not a common name in the girls name list I use, but there are two listings for Akito (neither are the same as Akito's "spelling").

Against which I've sometimes wondered about mildly but never really thought much of is Akito's kimono's obi. It's never struck me as particularly feminine, but does look a bit strange for a guy's. There's one image of a "mystery woman" IIRC where the obi looks decidedly female but as to the woman's identity... In any case, shall have to look through the previous chapters/volumes later, when I've time.

Beyond that... Akito's character is definitely looking more interesting now with this chapter's development. Shall see where things go with this... ^_^

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