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...of the literal kind. I finally got around to trying out the new stand mixer and its dough hook attachment and... ^o^ I suspect I might be tempted to make bread more often now that I don't get the 15 min+ workout with accompanying mess. As much as I like making bread by hand (and I *finally* found some of my bread pans again), making it with the stand mixer is so simple and no fuss. The buns I made today were a bit heavy and big, and I think I should've given them more time on their second rise. I was a touch stingy and knew I was cutting it a bit short. Still. Homemade bread. Yum! Next time I might try the French bread recipe in the mixer's destruction manual. I'll also have to check my bread book and see what sort of instructions it gives. (Don't remember if it had food proc destructions or stand mixer or...? I believe the newest edition has those two plus by hand.)

I really must sit down and do some translations. >.> On a plus, the beginnings of a plot bunny has started poking at the brain for NaNo. Shall see where it leads me in the next while and if it might be workable. ^^;
Tags: baking

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