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Wah! Slow down! >.<;;

Ack! Checked out a site that lists light novel releases and found this:

Set for Oct. 30 release
HakuYou 白い翼を継ぐ絆 (Bond of the White Wings)

......If only HakuYou and Migawari would be released at around the same time rather than being a month off of one another. (Both have vols coming out ~every 3 months right now. ^^; ) At a guess, HakuYou should have another SS vol coming out soon as well. With the next Cobalt, there will be 5 SSs that have come out in the mags that haven't been released in a vol. I'm seriously falling behind. >.<;

Otherwise, there's an interesting comment in the Akuryou thread on 2ch as to why GH stopped after Akumu. Will comment more if any actual detail comes out about it.
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