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Argh! (nothing really)

I really, really shouldn't read 2ch. >.<;; A couple of people in Japan seem to have gotten hold of the latest vol of Migawari Hakushaku (~no Kokuhaku), and by the looks of things, the mini-blurb is in fact accurate this time around (unlike the previous vol which mislead readers). However, the vol supposedly ends at a point such that the reader wanted to know what happens next even more than before reading this one! >.<;; And since they commented that they posted in the spoiler thread, of course I had to hunt it down. ^^;

While peeking through the spoiler thread (it's a general spoiler thread for any new title until its regular thread's 'no spoilers until [24 hrs] after official release' is lifted) I discovered that a new SS has been released for 12 Kokuki in YomYom 12. Unfortunately, by the looks of things, at least half of the comments were negative and that the story didn't have to be for 12 Kokuki but could have been for something else instead. >.> From that, I'm not sure if I'll try getting YomYom. Heaven knows, even though I have vol 6 (the vol with the previous 12 Kokuki SS), I haven't read that story yet. ^^; (It's only been what 2? 3? years... :P )

I think I might have to give up waiting for the next issue of Cobalt to become available and just order the latest Migawari once it's up for regular order. >.> The problem with the current and the next Cobalt is that they have the zenin service coupon(?), so they're in higher demand than regular issues and tend to sell out. In other words, it's hard to say if I'll be able to get hold of it if I don't order it fairly quickly. >.> Oh well. Time to get off the butt and do something. It's been awhile since I last translated something, hasn't it? >.>
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