Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

*blink* (politics)

Wow. We went Wild Rose...? I guess they managed to convince enough people to vote small c conservative and "Send Stelmach a message". Quite frankly, I don't remember this riding ever being anything but Conservative blue (provincially). I suspected the riding would go anything but Conservative since it's a by-election - much like Calgary Elbow went Liberal red in its by-election after Klein retired. *checks Wiki* O_O;; Wow, this riding's been Conservative since a by-election in 1969. Double wow this time around, and a touch annoying, was the level of campaigning. We actually had candidates go door-to-door on top of the usual flyer handouts and phone calls. The more telling aspect will be what - if anything - results from this by-election's result and, more importantly, how the riding will go in the next provincial election (in ~2-3 years).

We now return you and this blog to fandom. :P
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