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Since I was doing some scanning today, I decided to scan a few pages from the Migawari manga showing a couple of the diffs between the magazine and tank releases.

I didn't look too closely at the tank release to find all the differences, but here are two parts that did catch my attention in Ch 3. The first is a spelling error that was fixed up (top from the magazine, bottom the tankobon). (I had wondered what that word was supposed to be...) ^^;

While here, we have a little touch up work done to the dialogue.

Also, since I was looking at the manga, these are the snippets that were added to the tank release where the story summary normally goes in the mag release. :P

And if folks want still more pics for Migawari, I ULed the imgs from the novels a while back to my Migawari scrapbook.

Otherwise, male parental has been told to go on a high calorie diet while he awaits a consult in Oct regarding his weight loss. Stupid question. Without resorting to high calorie supplement drinks, what can I do to make things high cal?? I don't normally count calories, but looking at the way we eat here, going high(er) cal could take some rethinking in terms of cooking. Since he has high cholesterol, we tend to control fat to a degree (although I personally will not buy skinned bird), red meat isn't overly common (since FSU doesn't like anything that strongly flavoured), and we're all lactose intolerant, so dairy is out the window. Add to that that FSU and I are both bemoaning weight *gain* over the past year, and we're a bit conflicted. *sigh*

As it is, I'm planning on making doughnuts again tomorrow (today) so that he can have something very naughty to indulge in. (No, I'm not going to buy doughnuts. I can barely make my way through one store-bought doughnut since they tend to severely over-glaze them, so I'd rather make my own. ......And promptly eat four of them. >.<;; ) ......How sad is it that I tend to reduce the sugar content on a lot of dessert recipes to suit our tastes more? (Although I'll admit, I haven't done this to the doughnut recipe yet. ......I just modded it to make apple fritters instead. ^^;) Come to think of it, I also have some apple/pear pies I froze last week or so which can be baked up. *sigh* Of course, FSU was planning on buying more carrots at the Farmers' Market so I could make (still more) carrot cake again. ......I guess I'll have to look for naughtier yet not overly sweet, non-chocolate desserts for male parental. >.<;;

If anyone has any suggestions for higher cal dishes without being too bad on sodium or cholesterol, they would be most appreciated. >.<;;
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